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Holy Cow!!!!!!!! I'm wearing Jeggings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Im guessing you all know what jeggings are; leggings that look like jeans .... well ive only gone and got myself some today with some gorge boots that actually fit my calfs!!!!!!!!!!!!

I havnt worn leggings since i was about 6/7 and boots that go higher than my ankle for around 5 years just because i never found any that fitted - and ones that did would be far too overpriced cuz i had massive calfs ... well not no more!! My jeggins and boots are both from Tesco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I walked downstairs to ask my mum her opinion and had to walk past my dad and without me even asking him if it looked alright he said "that looks nice tan, i like that" .... now that is something!!!!! He is so blatantly honest i just had to believe him and my mum loved it on me too so i've taken the label off the jeggins and keeping them!! :)

Was having a down day yesterday, am certainly having an up day today!!!

Heres a couple pics taken about 20mins ago;
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whit wooo! look at you!!! you look great babe!!

that is sooooo exciting! my ultimate goal is to get some uggs when i'm at goal so hopefully my calves will have slimmed down enough like yours!! xxx
Yay! You look great :)


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Thanks girls - im so excited!! I think its just highlighted the fact that i can do this for a further 5 weeks as i want more high days like this! :giggle:
looking good hun. leggins look really nice. ull have all the men chasing u.

x x
fantastic hun!you look amazing x
funny,must be a day for leggings coz i got some today and grey ugg type boots and a long black/grey checked shirt from tesco.i was actually surprised that they made me look slimmer.thought coz they're tight i'd look like a whale lol x

can see you with a knee high boot collection coming up now they fit and are cheaper than the wider ones lol x


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lol taff ... well done on getting some - i too was surprised they didnt make me look 10x as big! :giggle: x
We should all have a Liportim fashion show, lol with all our skinny clothes and new styles!

Can't wait for my knee high boot shopping trip/s :) tried some on in Peacocks and they fitted. I didn't like them, but was curious to see if a 'normal' shop fitted yet.


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whoo fantastic elle :) You should treat yourself :p

Ooooh a fashion show, what a cool idea!!! :D
i will be treating myself when i'm at goal :) :)

was a treat today to be wearing a size 12 dress (which actually felt kinda loose in places!!)
That's great Tanya, you look great, so jealous of your colour, i so need another hol x


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ahh cheers guys! just been to the bfs and dropped him to work wearing them - he even said they look nice and said they made my bum look good ;) LOL and usually he slates all the leggings fashion! LOL


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You look really good hunni, they really suit you and the boots look fab too xx


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cheers abs :) x

irish molly

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God Tanya, you look lovely in the jeggings, not a sign of cellulite or anything. They are gorgeous on you. You deserve to be absolutely thrilled with yourself.
*crashes the lipotrim forum*

Well i think you look FAB normally im a urrrggh jeggings/leggings sorta girl but you made me go ooh wish my legs were that skinny annd damm want the boots..

Berri xx
I've bought some leggings too! They were talking about them at work the other day and I said "It's safe to say you will never see me in a pair!" One of the girls said they were slimming so when I went shopping I was intrigued and had to try them. Well I love them, my huband gave them the seal of approval and when I went out in them my family all commented on how good they looked! x
You look great. Well done xx

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