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Home and preparing!

Hello! I'm home!

So, I'm back from 4 weeks travelling round south east asia, and I'm getting ready to start back on SS+

I should be seeing my CDC in the next few days, and I'm guessing my weight's probably about the same as it was when I left, but we'll see..

anyhoo... I'm in that odd position of feeling great, and not feeling like I'm needing to hang my head in shame or edge back with my tail between my legs.. especially as I took CD with me, and was managing some kind of semi-1200 effort much of the time.. and yet I have been away, and I need to get back on the wagon, and that feels tricky..

So, my plan, is to be SS+ from Sunday, and try to be SS+ tomorrow, but if I don't manage it, I wont be hard on myself, cause it's like a practice/prep day. Hopefully I'll be busy enough tomorrow for it to be not-too-tricky.. but we'll see.. it's a big adjustment to get back into it, and I don't want to assume it'll be easy just cause I was enjoying it before I went away..

things feel different now.. my motivations and attitudes have slightly shifted.. it'll take a bit of reflecting time to get tuned in to how I want to feel/think again..

so, I guess this rambling waffle is in a vague hope that I can start to feel back in the swing of things over the next couple of days.. if I focus, (and spend plenty of time on here), I'm sure I'll regain my sense of purpose, direction, and drive :)

thanks for 'listening' :)

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WILL be Slim!
Welcome back! I would love to be as brave as to do something like that hun!
Hope your first weigh in back is ok, and well done for staying reasonably on track!
Hope getting back down to SS isnt too painful for you! At least you know what to expect! lol


Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Lovely to have you back....gosh where did that time go! Sounds like you had a fab trip and were in control diet wise. It may well be hard to get your head back in the zone but I know you will achieve this.

Good luck for your SS start on sunday. ARe we gonna see holiday pics? xxx
OMG! Just went to look at photos in phone with a minimins-head on, looking at myself in relation to how I look now vs then.. and all my photos have GONEEE!! Like GONE! Seriously! All the photos I took are.. ?were in that phone, and I haven't uploaded them yet...??? Even the wallpaper and screen saver photos have gone, and replaced by a standard preset one... ????? Gutted!!

..well... I've switched it off, taken out the memory card and put it back in.. so here's hoping........................................
phew - scrap that last post.. memory card must have been faulty - it's all back in place now - pheewww! :D

ok.. so I might post a picky or two.. and change my profile picture.. once I've found my connecter cable :)

thank you for the suggestion..


ps.. Liz.. YOU CAN be brave enough to do a similar trip.. so, you might want to take time planning it, might want to save up, might want to go with a friend, a travel organisation, or build up to it gradually over a few years with gradually more adventurous holidays.. but don't let anyone tell you you can't.. cause it really is do-able :) I feel the same about some parts of the world.. but YOU CAN, you know :) xx


Strong women stay slim
Welcome back !
I know you can do this !
Thank you! :)

So, so far today's not been so bad.. I'm ONLY FOCUSING ON TODAY - that's my goal.. get through today 100%, and not think about tomorrow until then :)

Looking good so far........ (might be on here quite a bit!!)

focusing on just one day at a time really does make the difference for me! I've done fine today, and yesterday too! Looks like this might just work out fine.. but not going to get cocky.. tomorrow's going to be just one day too :)



Stubborn tortoise
Welcome back, your break sounds just amazing!!! Well done for staying pretty much on track! One day at a time and you'll soon be back in the zone.



Strong women stay slim
Glad to see you are doing well , one day at a time is good thinking , you don't seem to have far to go now !
Did you enjoy your holiday ?
thank you! yes! had an amazing time.. I'm looking forward to seeing my CDC.. not sure when she can sqeeeeze me in yet... really hoping I haven't put on, but if I have, I'll live... take it from HERE as the starting point, not look back with regret but with pleasure at the good times had.. and one day at a time... that's my motto right now... just hope it lasts!!! :)

Thank you for the support!!



Strong women stay slim
hi , its day 2 of being good for me , daily is the way , cos you never know whats coming lol .
I'm sure your cdc will fit you in soon !!!
I have an appointment this evening.. no idea how I'm doing, but when I went away I was 11 stone, 12 pounds.. so I'd like to be the same or better.. What ever it is, it's fine... I'll accept what ever it is, and then tomorrow's the start of the rest of my life, and I'll be starting a fresh from then (so the rest of today's just a chance to get ahead of the game, and be ahead of myself before I start back tomorrow :D)

I've been 100% today.. so watch this space...



Strong women stay slim
I'm watching this space hehe .. hows your first day back ?
done my 2 hours of walking , and also taking my daughter to school make that another hour 3 in all so fra , knees are killing , you will be there in no time !!! I know youw ill do it


Strong women stay slim
28 to go , well soon be gone !
What plan are you on ?
Hiya Enough, That's amazing you've done so well while on holiday. I've been struggling a lot recently so my advice is to get back 100% but you're nearly there now.

Where all did you visit on holiday? What stuff did you do?

We will need to start our reading back up, eh?

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