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home made veg soup!

i finally made my soup! yey! lolz

Just need to confirm with the WW guru's!
My soup was made from 200g of frozen veg all of which was on the free list apart from the peas (and there was probs less than a table spoon of those) and i used 1 level table spoon of cornflour to thicken the soup.

Please can someone tell me how to point this.

mix veg and tin tomato - all free
herbs and spices - free

1 table spoon peas (within 200g of mix veg)
1tablespoon cornflour (for whole pot of soup)

atleast 8 servings in the whole lot.
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Well u can have a virtual bowl of my veg soup while we wait for the guru's to wake up! *hands bowl of soup* and as its virtual there are no points!! (so far!! hehe)


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Thanks:) :eating: Lunch time soon! Promised myself to finish writing one paragraph before I have my sandwich:)
Maybe all working girls will log in and answer our Q during lunch break:)
Peas - dont have any so not sure - but would say 1 would cover it if its a tablespoon full.

Cornflour - 15g (which is about a tablespoon) is 1pt (53 calories and 0g fat)

I only know that cos I have just added 15g to my chicken casserole that I am having for lunch. Can't wait!!
so 1 tabespoon of peas and 1 table spoon of cornflower spread of 8 servings of soup means how many points per portions?......1? 0.5? none?


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2 points for a whole recipe, so 0.5 for portion if you split it to 4, or 0.25 if you split it into 8. I would just have a bigger portion and count 0.5.
nuneczka! thanks hun!

so really its 0.5 points per portion! i think i might leave out the cornflower next time and also pick out the peas!! lolz

do u know any low point recipes for chicken soup?


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I will have a look in my folder when I get home. For sure got a nice one for a thai chix soup and one with rice. Will post them tonight when get back home.

At the moment I stuffing myself with roast peppers and tomatoes soup which is 0 points:)
roast pepper and tomato sounds nice!! how do make that? (total div with cooking so you will have to tell me step by step!) I was really excited when i managed to make the veg soup! if i was to cook some chicken in water with sweetcorn and herbs n stuff can i then blend it to make it... soupish?


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Roasted tomato and red pepper soup 0 pts
6 halved tomatoes

2 halved red peppers
2 onions quartered
2 cloves of garlic
Put tomatoes and peppers cut side down on a baking tray sprayed with frylite. On top put onions and garlic. Spray again. Roast in oven at 200 C for 40 mins. Put in a food processor and blend. Push through a sieve and add 1 pint of veg or chicken stock. Warm up and serve.

TIP: In a sieve there are some tomatoes and peppers and bits left. I freeze it and use it as a pasta sauce with some mince:)
hey hun!

thanks for this im copy and pasting all the good recipes to make my own cook book! ive done quite well! just need to actually pull my finger out and make something now!!

Ive decided when i get back from holiday im going to try make one reciepe a week and then freeze or eat over three days!! I just hope i dont get sick of eating the same thing!

thanks for pm


Hiya Chucks!!
Hiya i get 1 point for the cornflour + ½ point for the peas.
so the whole pan of soup will be 1½ points which is less than ½point per serving.

Like the others have said either have a big portion for ½ point or a small portion for 0 points.

Have a look on the recipe thread i put my fave soup on there-BNS+Red Pepper soup NO points.


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Fuzzy, I will try that soup. I know it sound funny but I have never tried bns in my life and I think at 25 i need to give it a go!:) Only had a sweet potato for the first time last week!
Going to cook this soup on Thursday. Yum yum:)


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Sona,here is recipe for a chicken soup. Still looking for chicken and rice soup.

Thai Chicken Soup

2 pints Chicken Stock
227g/8oz Chicken breast skinned (3 pts)
1 inch piece fresh ginger peeled and chopped
Juice of 1 lime
2 tsps soy sauce
3 Spring onions slicked
1 small fresh red chilli, deseeded and thinly sliced
Salt & Pepper

Put the chicken stock, chicken breasts and ginger in a saucepan. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat, cover the pan and simmer gently for 30-40 minutes.

Remove the chicken from the pan and slice the meat thinly into strips. Return the sliced chicken to the pan with the lime juice, soy sauce, spring onions and chilli. Simmer gently for 5 minutes.

Season to taste with salt and pepper.

I would split it into 3 servings at 1 point each.

Have a good day:)
Thankyou for the soups girls!!

im going to make these after my hols!
have decided to make a diff soup every week to spice up the diet a bit!!
well to be honest i thought makig soup was going to take ages but my veg one was no effort at all so i feel a bit more confident making them now! My next soup is gona be the thai chicken one and also im going to try the pepper and tomato soup!... i like califower and cheese but im guessing the points in that will probs put me off! I buy the powder soups from tesco's ligher brand as they have points already on them but 1 whole point for one mug!

now that im a professional veg soup maker myself i dont think i will be buying off the shelf (tidies chefs hat)

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