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HONK if you were 100% today! (weeklies allowed)


I can haz cake?
(disclaimer: game stolen from the Exante forum :p I'm surprised we don't have this here already!)

If you have a 100% on form day, you get to honk in the thread!

If you want post what points your on and what you had... spread the ideas people :)

I remember loving this thread in exante because it felt like a real achievement getting to post in it :D

so honk away girls and boys ^__^

(i will very much be 100% today but I'll hold of til later before I post it!)
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Does 100% mean you stick to your dailies only or that you pointed absolutely everything? I r confused...(easy done I might add ;))


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cereal (oat pillows) with activia pouring yoghurt - 5pp

WW quiche & salad - 9pp
fruit corner yoghurt - 5pp

sardine omelette - 13pp

pot noodle - 11pp

crisps - 5pp
snack a jacks - 4pp

Still 11pp left, so if I get peckish before bed it'll be another few snack a jacks. lol.


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Honk Honk!

33 points

breakfast: 30g frosties and skimmed milk

snack: cherries

lunch: gammon steak sarnies, apple, iced WW instant hot chocolate

snack: 2 plums

dinner: feta cheese crumbled over roasted butternut squash, red onion, spinach and 50g gluten free spaghetti, WW rich chocolate pudding thing (2 points)

Then this evening I used 3 bonus points on a little pack of Haribo Goldbears as I had a massive craving so 36 points for the entire day.
Honk honk honk yesterday I was 100%

I was 100% 29/6/11 Yay


Fruit and muller 2pp


Salad 0pp
Mugshot sweet n sour 2pp


Ww Thai curry 9pp
7oz potato wedges 4pp
Pappadumsx3 3pp


Fruit salad 0 pp
Ww toffee and honeycomb sundae 3pp


Usually eat all my pp but had a busy day and just ran out of time in the end needed my bed more lol

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Honk honk!

Breakfast = banana oat smoothy

Lunch = ham salad, curly wurly

Dinner = reduced fat pork stir fry with pak choi, carrot, sugar snap peas, baby sweetcorn and chinese five spice. WW rich chocolate desert. Big bunch of cherries

Evening/any time = milk in tea and hot chocolate made with 1/2 pint skimmed milk and fairtrade hot chocolate

Total points = 32/33 :)

2 ww bacon rashers 2
1 fried egg, fried in low cal spray 3
1 cheese single 1
banana 0
(I call this my ww version of a bacon egg mcmuffin, everything BUT the muffin)

30 g smoked salmon 1 point
30 g waitrose soft cheese 2 points
3 slices thin ham 1 point
40g chedder cheese 5
cherry tomatos 0
lettuce 0
squeezed lemon 0

ww frozen chicken curry meal 8
tomato 0
cucumber 0
15 ml kraft herb and garlic light dressing 0
ww choc and vanilla ice cream cone 4

fruit bowl from tesco with various fruits 0
ww sour cream and chive flavour soy and wheat snacks 2
Well I'm gonna honk today as today was the first day this week I used any weeklies (I start my week on a Monday!) and so far only used 2 of them, and for the first time since starting ww I never quite made my dailies twice......so must be getting sooo much better with my choices, oh am on 29 daily so honk honk honk lol

Happy pointing peeps!


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honkity honk of honkville - 3 days running wahoooooo

Breakfast - boiled egg, slice of toast with weight watchers bread, tin of broken grapefruit segments (drained) and a cup of tea

Lunch - pasta salad with gluten free pasta, feta cheese and red pepper, apple, fat free pineapple jelly

Dinner - home made sweetcorn and butterbean chowder. First time I've made this and it was yummy! I now have 2 pots to put in the freezer for future healthy eating :) Followed by low fat natural probiotic yogurt topped with cinammon and flaked almonds.

Snacks - curly wurly (may also have a banana later if still hungry)

Total = 32/33


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toot toot... AAAAHHH... beep beep!

Getting my ass back on track this week as I'm being lazy, so hopefully I'll be here everyday!

B- Bagel+philly+ham 6pp
L- WW yog+SF jelly+2 satsumas+cheese puff crisps 4pp
D- Homemade lasagne+slice of bread 10pp
S-Cranberry and blackcurrant bar 2pp
22/29 so far!

cadbury bliss bar 6pp
2xmini moments 2pp
4xWW biscuits 4pp

Splitting weeklies throughout the week instead of a binge!

5 weeklies used :)

Awesome steal Hannata! x
Honk honk hooooonk!

I did use a couple of weeklies for a lil choccie hehe... 32pp altogether, 3 weeklies used!

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Honk honk toot toot! Another honk day for me. 29pp today :)

Dinner was noodles and spiced chicken with light soya sauce - 8pp NOM...
also got a twirl into me today for 5pp (from a multipack)! Yummy...

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Honk honk HONK!!

Fruit salad for brekkie - 0pp
Wrap with cheese ham and salad for lunch - 12pp
Smoked Chicken Salad for dinner with Light Mayo - 8pp

Kit Kat (4 fingers) - 7pp

Vimto Ice Lolly x2 - 2pp

FULL 29pp. :D


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HONK (well could honk all week since since I weighed in Wednesday evening)

Can't remember what I have eaten so far, but used 6 weeklies only so far (though for some reason I still feel guilty for doing it, and like I might not lose as much as if I had not used them)

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