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Hope I can do it..


Day 2 today and seem to be very thirsty all the time. No bad thing I guess as it means I'm drinking plenty of water.

I know it'll take me a while to lose all the weight I need to - probably looking at November which seems a long way off but decided to take the "one day at a time approach".

OH not convinced that I'll manage to do it but I feel the time has come to stop the bingeing and get a grip - I've been on a mad one the last few months and been out of control and unable to reign in the eating but if I can just get intot he swing of it I'm hoping I'll be up and running. It's true to say I've had a couple of "got to do it now moments" but have been weak and not got started but after the last few weeks of despair I may have built up to being in the right frame of mind.
I'm so sick of not wanting to go out and be seen, feeling ashamed and embarrassed. Scared of failure though.

Having seen how well you guys are doing and the great results that you are achieving I'm hoping that some of your determination will rub off on me.

Looking forward to completing my first week and seeing how much has gone... fingers crossed I'll get to the end of week one.

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You have got to really want it for yourself, if I could bottle how good I feel and send you all a little bit to show you what a difference it makes I am sure you would all be inspired to get to the end. Just tell yourself (and mean it) that it is possible, you can do it and you will do it - for yourself! GO FOR IT!
Bren xx
Good luck Woozle,I've only just started too and just finished day 4, its not easy but I feel pleased to be in control and losing the LBS!! How tall are you?
Thanks for the responses. Susie-slimmer I'm 5ft 6in and when I weighed myself before starting (and it is true to say that I'd just had my last meal when I did it so was probably at my heaviest) and was 13st 2lb.

I'd found that my size 16 clothes were a bit tight but the 18's were a wee bit too big although I reckon if I'd carried on eating at the rate I was the 18's would have been snug within 2 weeks.

Well done for getting to day 4 - I'm day 3 now and I really fancied something to eat earlier but with plenty of black coffee I've managed to ride that wave of wanting to stuff myself out. Mind you I'll be buzzing with all the caffeine by mid afternoon!

I already feel better just doing something about it and although it seems like I'll have to be doing it for ages as Starlight says the time will whizz by - I can't believe the summers nearly over already Christmas was only a few weeks ago - or so it seems!

I sooo want to be slim for Christmas this year.

Good luck on your jouney, like with any weight loss plan its alla bout time and patience the good thing about any VLCD is you see instant results which I suppose spur people on to keep going.

I am restarting today after a holiday and annoyed with myself for being a total pig and eating everything in sight to the point of feeling ill.

I look forward to hearing how well you have done after a week.

Wendy x
Thats great, we are both the same height and started off a similar weight although you want to lose a bit more than me.

I think now I am older I don't need to be so slim as I did when I was younger and dieted to a size 8/10. This time round I will be delighted to be a 12/14 :D

Glad to have a diet buddy, we can track our losses together, my scales are already showing movement :)
Hi Susie-slimmer

How are you getting on today? My Day 4 and feeling a bit grotty - had a difficult 30 mins a little while ago when I felt desperate eat but this seems to be passing and I thought i'd have a look on here to help me get a grip.

I was wondering which is your weighing day next week. Mine will be Monday. Can't wait to see how it's going.
I know that I put 133lbs as my target weight but I put that in as I hadn't really thought about it at the time but I don't think it's necessary for me to go that low as like you (although I not sure how old you are) I'm 45 and 12/14 would see me OK so I don't have any need to be stick thin I just want to feel comfortable with myself. It would be nice to dip below the 10stone so I can think that I'm 9st something but if I were to be around 10st 2lb I don't think that would be unreasonable bearing in mind I'm 5ft 6lb.

Here's hoping your day is going well and that it's not been too much of a struggle. Used a keto stick this morning and it definetely turned a pale shade of pink so hopefully the hunger feeling will start to go - for me maintaining the pink will be another motivating factor.

Keep the faith - you've nearly got week one over x
I have been moaned at by lots of people that I have lost too much in my face and I have got down to an 8/10 but am comfortable at that and would not really want to go any higher. If I did not have the loose skin that I do I would probably be a stone or more less than I am but not going down that route - official scaredy cat lol
Bren xx

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