Hope they're right!


Loving CD SS!
I've got Tanita scales with built in fat%/water% monitor.

It's the right time for my body to be bloating up for TOTM, and sure enough the scales aren't moving much (ok, so I was naughty 5 days ago, but been 100%SS since then, so I'd have thought I'd see _some_ drop)....

Anyway, my weight has only dropped .2lbs but my fat % has gone down and my water % up...and if I've calculated it right, it looks as though I've dropped about 5lbs in fat! :D

Does anyone else use scales like this and does that sound possible???

(break it to me gently if you think not...I'm clinging to that positive sign in light of the miniscule weight reduction! lol!!)

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ha. mine show percentages too, and i have noticed that they show the right differences at the right times of the month. i don't know about the 5lbs of fat. but if you haven't gained over totm, and your water percentage is up, then next week your weight will fall if you stay on track. well done :D

abz xx


Loving CD SS!
Thanks Abz! :) Looks like it might indee have been water, as at my WI this morning I've lost 5lbs! Amazing eh?!

After I posted this I did a search and found a lot of threads about scales that talk about them being inconsistent, but my faith is restored! lol

Drinking water in volumes equivalent to Loch Lomond over the past few days might have helped too! ;)



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Those scales sound good, wish I had them too! But then I might risk being on them twice a day, every day. I am having hard enough time trying to stop weighing myself daily (and failing). Umphhhhh