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Hoping to Be Smaller Soon

Day 64. well, have had just over 2wks off - if you like! I am ashamed to say that I seem to link this blog with being in a good diet space. I know what I type here isn't that at all. But I guess when I am over eating, when I would rather be dieting or at least eating sensibly. I would rather not express it I know that but maybe if I had I wouldn't be where I am right now. Which is better than where I was 2 days ago but not in the place I had hoped I would be now.
SO! My little 'time-out' had put 10lbs. I like to that into the 7lbs refeeding water and 3lbs greed!! But I guess it was pretty much 10lb cadburys !! Any how, one day of S&S has taken me down a couple of pounds to 14.7 and I am now in the zone. Only thing is, I only have enough packs for tomorrow, Thursday & Friday. Also, other halves bank card has been cloned so we have no money until the bank decide to refund it. They've said they will, but just not when. So that means I have used the last few pennies which I have paying the household bills. But I am not going to be detered by this. It is very positive - well, I need to think this way. The bank could pay him at any point now and as soon as they do, he will give me back the £75 I have used up on household bills and I will buy more product asap with next day deliver !! So, I could be sorted soon.... if not.... well, I haven't gone down that road yet! But positive thinking right !
Anyhow, I'm in the zone and plan to stay there, so watch this space.
Just to recap for those who missed it, I nearly did. On September the 28th, I weighed in at 13 13! It was brief, but I plan to get there again. In fact I plan to get down to 13 5 and then I am going to look at some kind of healthy eating plan. I am very temped to head back to pig to twig (Neris & India's Idiot Proof Diet - IPD) which I have always found successful in the past, basically a nice Atkins diet. which I will do for a week I think to see how my numbers fluctuate. If I stick with it, then I will remain in ketosis so may maintain for a while. I just wanna get used to eating 3 times a day and it not being McDonalds or a sausage, egg & bacon sandwhich - hell if it could NOT be bread/carbs. that would be amazing. I am not great with mushrooms, a new allergu since having my son earlier this year. I always had mushroom and egg or mushrooms and bacon for breakfast on that plan, I did have ham & cheese rolls so I could go with something like that. Any how, I have 16lbs to lose before then and 8 of those are to re-lose, so I am hoping they will come off as quickly as they went on then it's just over half a stone to goal baby.
The only snag is that we are going away for a week, first week of November!! What I have is 3wks and I know it's a strong possibility with this plan (if I can ever buy any more) that it could be possible to do 16lbs in 20 days, but I'll do my best and pick things up again when I get back, before my birthday on November 20th. Hubby has the day off and we're gonna have a nice day together.
Anyhow, I think I have off loaded all my emotional **** up to date and it's time to get going on this... talk soon
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Well, I am back! I can't quite believe it's been under 3 months and like a classic 'big girl' I have gained my 2 stone back !! I had a birthday and Christmas of course, I knew I'd gain weight, but I really didn't think it would be the whole lot ! I guess that's just me wit my rose tinted glasses on thou ! In hein sight, I always gain what I lose, I'm just lucky that I have caught it now and not gained 7lbs on top!
My son is 1 next week. This is a serious mile stone for me in the 'weight' category as I always like to be less than what I was when I fell pregnant, when he was 9months I was over a stone lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight and now a year on, I am a stone heavier!! However - I have a week and a few days. I started yesterday and I am already inside the 15's, which is good. I think I would have died inside if I'd seen the 16's on the scale ! But I didn't. So I'm pulling all the stops out to get into a good place for the weekend, saturday is his party and wednesday week his actual birthday. My pre-pregnancy weight is 15 4 and althou I don't think that I will get there for next wednesday, I could be pretty close to it. I love this way of eating. It's fast and has brilliant, quick results !!
I also have a lot of events in the next 6 months. Mainly 2 weddings and my daughters 3rd birthday. I also have another major goal, I'd like to get pregnant this year too. Mr HTBSS isn't too keen, our DS didn't sleep at night for 8.5months, which took it's toll on us as a couple and individually. But all that is in the past for me and if I am going to have my thrid and final baby, then this is the year for me to do it, as I will be 36 in November and for me. That's the time to call it a day for me. I also, if you have followed me you will know, have rather large babies (aroud 11lb) so have had cesarians and the hospital recommend only 3! which is good for me. I love being a Mummy and after being made redundant last year, I have the funds to be a stay at home Mummy for a while ! So getting pregnant in the later part of the year is on my goals to acheive. However, our bedroom exercising isn't as frequent as I would like it to be, which I put down to me & how I feel about my body. It wasn't a prority at first as we had missed out on so much sleep, but now we are almost on top of that and although the little man is quite noisy in the night, he does sleep for 10-11hrs a night - which is brilliant ! I also now, 2stone back on, don't feel overly sexy. Hubby is so good about my body image and says all the right things. But this isn't about him, this about how I feel and getting that 2stone off and another stone anda half, ideally! Would get me in a better space for feeling sexy I thnk !
So there we have it people ! I'm a gal with a plan..... talk soon x
Well, part one of the birthday is over ! Ffffew !! We had, the party, this morning and it went well ! On the eating side, I eat 2 quarters of a penut butter snadwich and more cake than I owuld like to recall, but I will draw a line under it tomorrow and pick up where I left off yesterday and then wednesday. His actual birthday, I will take as it comes too....
So, the diet ! I have a box full off S&S stuff and a few other brand meal replacement packs. What Ive decided is to have the shakes/soups & a meal each day. This week hasnt gone as well as I had hoped and I will get ont he scales to make sure. I dont think I will have gained, but I may well not have lost any more ! :( However, as far as motivation goes, the lady manager at the venue of the party today thought I was pregnant! I couldn't help but wonder why she was making a fuss when I was picking stuff up off the floor! And then as we were leaving she said, she you soon... not long to go !! With a wink and a glint as people do, making a baby bump signal with her hand ! I just smiled and left.... gutted !
Since having my monkeys, my tummy hasn't been what it was, it hasn't been anywhere near what it was and I have to admit I have been left with a massive tummy at this weght, when I think of where I was at this weight after the first monkey ! I have had c sections so I was told to expect the worst and I had the children closer together than it was advised. BUT! It stilld oesn't make up for the fact at alost a year after his birth I'm not at my pre-pregnancy weight and people are mistiking me for being pregnant - especially after I agonised over what to wear. I went for a full legnth frock in the end, with a spankex style body underneath!
Anyhow, just need to get on with it now, get my weight down and then see how the tummy looks at 13st 13lb again !!!
Talk soon x
Well, I haven't exactly been inspirational since I last spoke to you. But I am at home all day with the kids today & out in the evening to the cinema (Life of Pi) so I can do 4 shakes really easily today and then jump on the scales in the morning to see where I am at. I hope I am 15 13 or less, I feel I have eaten less but often that means I have eaten more and just kidded myself as I haven't eaten meals ! Anyway. I haven't been having sugar in my coffee which is a huge acheivment for me. I read somewhere that long term sugar over a life time enhances cancers in later life, when I looked at my family, particularlly my mothers side, this rings true to me. And of course, as you probably have 'heard' too, sweetners are carcenagenic so I have dumped those too. Mr HTBSS is also on 'natural eating' plan which basically means he is avoiding processed foods and he seems to have dropped half a stone immediatley just in the visability of his tummy - I wish I could have been so strict but I feel, we should eat the 'crap' up in the house, then I can get a good start. You know, avoid waste. Maybe that is just what fat people say ??!?? My neice has also done an amazing job of losing 5/6 stone on the cambridge diet (she is getting married in the summer so has an inspirational goal) but I don't want to take anything away from her. She has had amazing will power and did it all, basically, 2012 and it's paid off. Whereas I am still yo yoing with this 2/3 stone that haunts me !
Anyway, I have done something good since we last spoken and I am seeing a personal trainer on friday and a local trainer who runs lots of classes for Mums, buggy fit etc who will sit down with me and talk nutrition advice ! One will be a few hundred quid up front, I suspect and the other will be that over several months.... I will see them both (seperatly) Friday and then report back. I just need to get my tummy down and not look pregnant when I am not !! And then I'll be happy, even if I am still a size 18!! At least they'll fit !! ( I ordered a couple of tops for afore mentioned birthday party at the weekend just gone, both size 18. Meant to be floaty t shirts/tunic tops and neither fitted - unless you like the 'fabric sprayed on fat girl' look) hah!! I didn't do much better in my choice after all as the frock I did in fact wear made the manager at the venue think I was pregnant!! Anyway, I digress.... so. 4 shakes today. Weigh in in the morning. Exercixe guru's Friday..... talk soon x


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Good plan with the gurus Hun should be a great investment for you :) be interested to hear how you get on.
Well, I'm back, ha-ha, in more ways than one. Back on here (forum rather than diet but will get on to that !) and I'm back up to 16st 5lbs, the scales told me today ! I joined Slimming World a little while ago and lost about 11lbs in a few weeks, gained it all back and now seem to be maintaining at around 16st/16st 5 by following the plan in some *******ised form and drinking slim fast shakes ! I work 2 nights a week as a home carer so the shakes are realy handy for work nights. But I'm now in this hole of after having a SF dinner, I'm really light in the morning, have a day of eating, I gain it all back bar a few ounces - you can see the pattern !
My birthday is about 12wks away and if i don't sort something out now, I'm going to feel horrible for it. But I just can't help myself at the moment, I really want to have another baby, but my husband says he doesn't want one ! I know, I know, I have the means to conceive again, but at what cost. We have 2 beautiful children and my husband is content with that, he feels our marriage wouldn't cope with another little pickle baby, like our son was. But our daughter, although a handful now, was the perfect baby ! If I could just get one of those perfect babies, I'm sure he'd go again. But do I really want to test him ???? Anyhow, I can go back & forth with shall we shan't we stuff for ever, playing both sides of the argument perfectly ! But the fact of the matter is. I'm 16st 5. I want to be 15st 4 (my first goal) and I really want to be in 13's, so if I can get to get 13st 7 and maintain for a while, that would be great ! That would be brilliant. I'm only 5ft 4 so I should be more like 10st 10 (according to SW) but anything not in the 16st's would be good right now.
15st 4 is relevant because it was my pre-pregnancy weight.... my son is coming up 20mths and I've still not got my pregnancy weight off :(
SO. the question is, do I do a week or so of S&S to get some weight off or do I stick with SW and 'do it the right way' even though I'm not? I love S&S because it takes your choices away, pick a bar/shake or meal........
Maybe things will be easier now as my eldest goes back to nursery tomorrow and summer hols are over, the consultant says she has many 'Mums' who struggle most during summer hols, I don't know ! I'm just making excuses.
Watch this space tho, cause I'll be back on one diet or another !
Thanks for listening !


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Hi, welcome back!

I'm new to the forum & stumbled on your diary. I can't tell you which plan to follow I'm afraid, I think it's really personal & depends where you're head is at.
I just wanted to say welcome back & good luck in whatever you decide.
I'm the same height as you & am starting S&S tomorrow.

Also, I don't know if you we're joking but please don't trap your husband into having another baby - it could go horribly wrong! Sorry if that sounds too harsh & I really don't mean to offend, it's just your last post sounds like its a consideration x
Thanks Gemmy, I don't think I will be trapping my husband, it's not an option and I'm not that kind of person. I'm just not sure if I'll regret not having another baby and I'm not sure if I'll resent him for it ! And I don't want to have any regrets....
But I have made a diet decision and I have order a 28day supply of S&S, due to be delivered tomorrow I think. In my heart I know shakes, bars and mrp aren't the answer, but they do work & quickly. Which is what I'm looking for,I'm hoping that going into S&S for a 2nd time with this thought at the front of my mind, it may help to be mindfull of making better food decisions when they come up, as they inevitably do !
Tonight, I'm off for a 'reading' with a medium I'm have seen have few times over the years who has helped me, spiritually I guess; when I have been in quandaries, like i feel i am at the mo with the baby thing. I'm hoping she'll give me a bit more direction with things, like she has done in the past !
So, thats me. Spiritual direction tonight & starting S&S wednesday !! Think I'm going to find the old me sooner than I think :)
Thanks for listening x


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Good luck with the restart!!
Thanks cheeky chick, my goody box arrived earlier. So today is my last day on it and I have to say, I'm feeling a little flat. Not sure why, I have no specific reason to feel down. The kids are a little testing, I think I'm just tired and I'm stressing myself out with stress unnessecarily ! Why do we do this to ourselved ? I'll be off to work in a few hours and that'll sort me out. Then tomorrow, I'll run my eldest to nursery, come home, have a bowl of S&S porridge and muck around with my youngest; my hairdresser is coming, which will brighten me up and then I'll have a few hours off whilst my youngest sleeps. I think I will feel better whenI start the plan. I should have started today, but I was with a freind when the parcel arrives, and this freind is one of those freinds who's wants someone to eat with. You guessed right & I didn't do anything about it and ate a long with her !! Again, why do we do this to ourselves ??!!
I'll do my measurements in the morning too, so I have something to look back on - I can't wait to be lighter !!
Thanks for listening x
Got started today, rather pleased with myself! By no means a perfect day, but a pretty good day!
On a Wednesday we visit my 90+ grandparents. Just a quick weekly visit with my Mum (their daughter) and my kids. We just have tea........and biscuits! A lot of biscuits, all kinds, every kind! You know how Nana's are! This afternoon, it was digestives and chocolate biscuits. I think I had half a dozen, maybe 8 at the most. So not good! But, that's been it! Porridge, shake, cheesy pasta and salad!!!
Tomorrow's gonna be a better day, I can feel it!!! Thanks for listening x
Today has started well I've had my porridge. It was nice, the packaging has changed since I had my last delivery and the porridge it's self is much nicer than i remember. So all good. I weighed myself this morning, I know I should have done it yesterday, but it didn't happen before I had a coffee & one lead to another which lead to water and all of a sudden the day is over & I hadn't weighed myself. Anyway, I did this morning & I'm 16 st 5. Kind of glad I didn't weigh myself yesterday as I think it would have been more. I haven't measure myself. I probably should, but I didn't get any of the measuring paperwork with my order and I can't find the set I had before (although I haven't looked LOL). I will look & I will them before week one is up !
I feel positive today. I feel confident. Like I'm ready for this, I'm ready to be slimmer. Slimmer for my holiday first week of November (to the Lake District for a week) and thinner for my birthday in November (20th). I h !ad a bit of a wobbly Tuesday but now I feel like my head is screwed on, which is good as we are all off to Peppa Pig World tomorrow at Paultons Park. For me this means, no food at all. I'll have a shake before we leave the house, take one with me & a bar and then will have my meal with hubby when we get home. My mother is coming with us, which again is lovely. But there's something about this diet with my Mum, she disapproves. She doesn't think 'at least she's trying even if I don't approve of the method' she just doesn't approve, end of story ! I do live in the hope that this time, will be my time. Right now, I can see no reason why I can't do this diet for 7 weeks and a few days until we go away (bar a few social activities) In fact, if I can. I honestly think I can loose 2stone, maybe even more ! I am drinking squash (no added sugar stuff), as well as diet carbonated drinks and having milk in my coffee. I can't remember if that's OK or not, I should check. I will actually !.... and the answer is NO! No to squash unless it's Ribeena in a certain flavour & NO to milk. So I guess that will slow me down. I will pick up the Ribeena when I can, but in the meanwhile, I will carry on drinking my squash which is just a few calories more than what we are allowed when on 100%.
Anyway, what I'm saying is I'm really confident and despite the disapproving looks from my Mother & my Husband (who on the while supports me, but just hates eating without me) I will carry on, as it actually makes me feel good. Inside & out. I know I'm loosing weight; which makes me feel good and I know if I have a 'little something' (protein & veg only) then I know it wont knock me out of ketosis and it will help with the 'missing out' feeling. Although not tomorrow, I'm hoping to get a few 100% days this week to get me a nice good loss in my first week, I really need to see 15st xx something on the scales as soon as I can, as my first goal is 15st 4, my pre-pregnancy weight !
Right, have rambled on enough this afternoon. Here's to 100% day for me & everyone reading this ! Thanks for listening x
So, Thursday ! Good day, was 100% until I got home from work and ate some of the left over mince & vegetables which I had made my kids (as spaghetti bolognaise) but a good thing to eat as it was only beef mince, veggies and a box of chopped tomatoes. Yesterday was another OK day. We headed off with the kids & my Mum to Peppa Pig World for the day ! I packed up a picnic full of all the things I love, egg sandwiches & cheese & onion sandwiches. I even made a peanut butter sandwich for the kids, which I would have devoured too given half the chance. I took a bar and a shake and had a shake before we left, so I was in good stead for the journey. We got there, did a couple of hours then stopped for the picnic. I chomped on some cucumber which I took & a couple of quarters of tomato (not ideal I know) and I did sercombe to a quarter sandwich of egg may (it was delicious). I had my bar later on, drank loads of squash, water & coffee and survived the day. I treated myself to a chicken salad when we got home :) Not 100% but sometimes, doing days like that can really crack the diet, and I could of quite happily fallen into a sandwich haven. I also had made veggie pasta & veggie couscous for hubby & Mum, all of which looked & smelt divine. It was quite painful to chuck the leftover sarnies away, but better to do that than eat them myself which was what I was worried about ! Anyhow, I felt I did well and was pleased with the end result to the day. I jumped on the scales this morning and was pleased to see in 3 days I have lost 3lbs.... 3 more to go and I will be in the 15st's which will be great !!
I popped over to Sainsbury's this morning & stocked up on the S&S preferred squash, Ribeena. I bought blackcurrant & Apple & Raspberry. Both of which are really nice (although they were £2.90 each to buy and that wasn't even for the massive size !!!)
Today's been good too and I have had a shake for breakfast & a bar for lunch. I'm also starting to feel the effects of Ketosis now and am not hungry, now I'm day 4. I found myself sat on my bed staring in to my wardrobe wondering what on earth I could wear today, being muggy as it is. And was comforted by the thought of a few more weeks as I have been doing and I will be able to wear anything I want in my wardrobe comfortably, in fact, I think next weekend (when we go to dinner at my Dad's) I could be in a better situation that I am right now if I was to need to get dressed up to go out !
So, here's to a good few days and a good few more to come ! Thanks for listening x


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Hey... Sorry I've not been about to catch up... Sounds like things are going well now! Here's to a few more good days! :)

I'm at my bf's until the end of the month... My contract at work finished 2 weeks ago and I'm desperately looking for a job!!! I'm finding it hard doing nothing all day but managing to be good.. Just taking a lot more will power than when I was working!
Hey cheeky chick, yep things are going well & I couldn't agree more ! Being at home with the kids day in and day out is loads harder than being at work, I miss the routine and distraction away from food. I'm honestly completely obsessed with food these days :( I hope some work comes up for you soon, not only for the distraction from food. But it's good for the bank balance too ;)
Things are good in my world and I weighed myself yesterday and was 16st on the nose, so that's 5lb off in week one ! (I did-10lbs last time) but that's fine. Right now, any loss is good in my book and I'm all that closer to seeing 15st something when I weigh in my book at the moment. I'm still hopeful for the divine to step in and help me with the rest of my journey, but I wont hold my breath !
Life on S&S isn't going to be easy over the coming days as we have dinner out Saturday & Sunday night. I'm hoping to be able to get away with just meat & veg at both, but you just don't know when people are cooking for you do you ! Will have to see, but around those meals, I plan to be good. I've had a shake today and I will have a bar later and a protein & veg meal later with hubby. Tomorrow should be good too. Am hoping that with the 'meals out' on the horizon, it will keep me focused around them. I do also have work Sunday morning, which should help as I wont get back until 130pm and then I can have a shake and bath before we head off out at 5 for dinner with the 'Out Laws'. How bad can it be in 3 and a half hours ?! I'll take a shake and a bar to work, another shake or soup when I get home and that should be good, along with my protein dinner !! I'll check back in soon, thanks for listening x