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Hoping to join you

Hi all,
Just introducing myself :)
Don't think anyone will remember me but I've been on here about a thousand times, I've had one very successful stint on LT and lost 8stone but falling back into old habits, a baby, the death of my mam and a lot of junk food later I'm more desperate than ever. I'm miserable in this body, I weigh more than ever before and had been looking into having a gastric band but I think at 24 -in two days- I owe myself one more chance to do it without surgery.
I'm really hoping you guys can help me, this site kept me going the first time around and I'm more desperate now than then.
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Welcome back and lots of luck in achieving your goals. You know how great this site is for support so keep posting and I am sure you will be just as successful this time.:welcome: This is a new beginning.
Welcome back Daisy and best of luck hun x
You have done it once, you CAN do it again. Every one is here to help each other, as well you know.
That weight will be gone before you now it and you can be happy about yourself soon.
Best of luck
x x x
Daisy, Happy birthday for tomorrow.... a new year, a new start, a new you!! Desparation can be a great motivator... but that will be replaced with an amazing feeling that comes from doing something about it, and seeing results quickly :D :D Good luck on your LT journey.... and keep coming back on here...on good or bad days :) ... we're here to support you xx
Thanks so much everyone! I rang chemist and going in to get shakes on Saturday! My baby will be 1 in June I know it seems Luke a ling way away but i could be at goal by then, I find that amazing!
Roll on Saturday, I have tunnel vision now to just go forward!
Welcome back, and good luck on your journey with LT!!
Just saw my spelling errors, stupid phone! I feel different about it all some how. I'm not over the top adding and calculating how long it'll take to look "normal", how long till I look nice and how long it'll take to get to goal. I need to do this, no matter how long it takes I'll enjoy every minute of the road to slim but I won't run away with myself with numbers and figures cos it always seems too much and I give up! Reading your stories is amazing :) can't wait to be a succses story again and now I know the importance of diet after Lipotrim I refuse to make the same mistakes x x x
:D:D Hi there,
Like all the girls have said.... youve done this before and you can do it again and really keep it off this time hun You have so many incentives and your already in the right mind set to make it happen, plus you know your goal by next year is easily achievable too... welcome back Louise xx
Hi daisy

You didn't fail before you had a lovely wee baby and what better reason is there than that to regain weight
You've done it before so you KNOW it works
Welcome back aboard and best of luck
So sorry about your mum but I'm sure she'll be really proud that you're taking control again
Just think how good you're going to look at that first birthday party xxx

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Thank you everyone :) day one nearly done and dusted I'm very proud to say! Feel grand despite a rubbish start to the day, woke up late, nothing to wear, boyfriend made my shake with warm boiled water (used to making baby bottles!) :( but I gulped it down regardless and have felt grand all day :)
Delighted to be back here!
Well done for the all important day 1. Here's to the rest of week 1 flying by
x x x
Brilliant hun, well done, and glad to hear your partner is on your side with this even though he made it up with warm water (bless!)
Lol Lou xx
Hola chicas :) got home from a surprisingly easy day in work to my beautiful little bundle! She really takes my mind off food, been playing with her since I got in and she's now conked out on my chest :D
I know people find the flap jacks bad but I've found them brill for work, I can eat it in front of anyone cos there's no Lipotrim label and I'm keeping quiet about it to most people!
Thanks for all the well wishes, going to make my soup now (I must have messed up taste buds, I love it!!)
Hi Daisy. Glad you're back onboard. I put on weight when my mum was ill and died too. It's hard. I've never even been overweight before and then suddenly I was staring at that horrible word 'obese'. You didn't fail before you just had a tough time... not to mention your body giving brith. You were a success last time and will be again - and you mum (like mine) will be proud! xxxx
Aww girls!
Izzysmum I'm honoured you remember me! I look back at all my overly positive posts and laugh, I lost that girl for soooo long but am feeling more like her now, day 4 and haven't felt anything but great since I started. Not a bit tempted to mess up even when OH is having his yummy big dins!

Jojo, its strange how a bad time can be so serious on how you live isn't it? It was like I wanted to ruin myself or make myself more unhappy. Truthfully never reeeally enjoying the rubbish I was shoving into me! Thanks for the lovely message x

How's everyone doing, what week are you on and how are the losses?
Can't wait for my weigh in on Saturday (2 days early eeek)x

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