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Hoping to stay on the straight and narrow!

OK!! Starting this diary to keep me motivated!!

This is my 3rd go at SW and i really want to do it this time. I started 6 weeks ago and my losses (& gains) so far have been :

Week 1 - 5lb lost :)
Week 2 - 3lb lost (half stone and SOTW)
Week 3 - 1/2lb lost
Week 4 - At work, no weigh in
Week 5 - 1lb on
Week 6 - 1lb on

I really havent been very motivated at all, i just want to eat crap! So, weigh in night tonight (please let me have lost) and start a fresh. My OH is going to start too, i explained the plan to him last night and hopefully we will keep each other going too.

So, today so far:

Green day

Breakfast - 2 slices brown bread (HXb)

Lunch - 2 slice brown bread with 3 slice wafer thin ham (approx 2 syns) and 28g cheddar (HXa) scraping of flora (1 syn)

Snack - 4 mikado (2 syns)
Choc and Fudge alpen light (3syn)

Dinner - tomato and mozzarella (HXa) pasta
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S: 10st9lb C: 9st13lb G: 8st12lb Loss: 0st10lb(6.71%)
Wishing you loads of luck Aileen, I am with you, after trying several times..classes, online, bought the books, then sold the books lol I too am at it again!

Fingers crossed for your weigh-in and hope the diary (and some online support:)) helps you on your way,

Dee x
Red day

Breakfast - 2 slice of wm toast (HEb) topped with homemade sandwich filler (2 eggs, 2 slice chopped lean bacon, 2 dairylea light triangles (1/2 HEa), with tsp Flora (1 syn) and a cup of tea with skimmed milk and sweetner

Updated - Well i went to bed as im night shift tonight and slept through lunch!

So, having some melon now as a snack.

Dinner - 2 salmon fillets with some new potatoes (6 syns)

10pm break - 2 slice wm bread (HXb) with tuna and cheese (HXa) and probably a yoghurt.

Ok, i was really bad and had a strawberry tart t work, i couldnt resist!! No idea how many syns... will cut back rest of the week :)
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Never updated yesterday because i had been night shift, so here goes...

Friday 20th Green Day

1am break - Roast chicken mug shot, some 0% greek yoghurt with strawberries and a choc and fudge alpen bar (1/2 HXb)

Never had my brekkie at 5am, just a cup of tea then i slept all day obviously and got up at 4pm

Dinner - Baked poataoe with beans and 42g low fat cheddar (HXa)

10pm break - melon and fat free yoghurt and 1 ferrero rocher (any ideas how many syns is in one of these?)

Today Red Day

1am break - 2 slice wm bread (HXb) with tuna and 42g low fat cheddar (HXa), strawberries and yoghurt

Again, didnt have anything at my 5am break, just a cup of tea, but ate another ferrero rocher and a banana on my way home.

Dinner - Frittata with onions, bacon and chicken

Ok, just found it, Ferrero Rocher 3.5 syns :(


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S: 9st9lb C: 8st4lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 1st5lb(14.07%)
Oh dear! hope it tasted nice though :)
It tasted amazing!

Anyhoo... EE day today

Brekkie - 2 slice wm bread (HXb) with tuna and 21g low fat cheese (1/2 HXa) Mullerlight yoghurt

Will be using other half of HXa for milk for tea throughout day :)

Lunch - Went to Edinburgh Zoo today but was good and had baked potatoe with beans and salad and a diet irn bru

Dinner - Mince and totties, gravy synned (although im not sure how much?) and then a caramac ice crean (7 syns).


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S: 19st10lb C: 16st10lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 3st0lb(15.22%)
Well done Aileen on your loss this week, OH and I do SW together, nothing like a bit of healthy competition - there is a 1lb difference between us, he has lost 25.5lbs and I have lost 24.5lbs but have reached my 10% target before OH!! Smal victory! Good luck for WI this week!
Thanks Donna, im hoping he has a huge loss this week, hes been working really hard at it and exercising most days too and i just want to make a believer out of him!

So today - Green Day

Brekkie- 2 slice wm bread (HXb) with banana, scrape of flora extra light (1 syn) and a choc and fudge alpen bar (1/2 HXb)

Lunch - Baked potato with beans and cheese (2 HXa) and salad, half a bag of hula hoops (about 4 syns)

Snack - cup of tea and choc and fudge alpen bar (1/2 HXb)

Dinner - SW chips, egg and beans. Now having a cup of tea and another choc and fudge alpen bar.... can you tell i lub them! (3 syns)
Red Day

Brekkie - 2 slice wm bread (HXb), 3 pieces of lean bacon and a dollop of ketchup (1 syn) and scraping of extra light flora (1 syn)... and im still bloody hungry :(

Snack - Choc and fudge alpn bar (1/2HXb)

Lunch - 2 slice wm bread with fajita flavoured chicken from tesco (sandwich one), scrap of flora (1 syn) and 21g low fat cheddar (1/2HXa), muller yoghurt and a banana.

Dinner - Salmon with 2 dairlea triangles (1/2HXa) and 4 baby potatoes (6 syns)
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Well yesterday was horrible :(

I had planned on having a green day

Started off with -

Brekkie - 2 slice wm toast (HXb) and 1 dairylea triangle (1/4 HXa) and a cup of tea

Didnt feel too hot after that, and my wee girl had been not well the beginning of the week so was thinking... hmmmmm

Lunch - I ate half a tuna sandwich and it didnt agree with me at all... and that was it for the rest of the day!!

I did however, nip down to get weighed and then came straight home as still wasnt feeling too hot and had lost 5lbs!!! Dunno how in the world i managed it!!! Got my stone sticker too :)

I did proceed to go down hill from there and have had a horrible night :(

Feeling better this morning though, just a bursting sore head which i think is just from being so dehydrated so have just ate a choccie buiscuit (5 syns) and ill see how that goes.

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