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hoping2shrinks Diary

Having read quite a few different threads on this site I feel inspired to start a little diary of my journey so here goes ....

Have been going to RC classes for the last 8 weeks and have lost a bit of weight through this however was losing willpower and the weight loss had slown right down and in fact the last time I went I had gained a couple of pounds.

Went to the GP again (11062008) about weight loss issues (been going on for a long time) and she has prescribed me Orlistat for a month to see if that will speed things up. Even though I've only been on it for a couple of days I think the pounds are already starting to go - frankly I'm a little in shock as was a bit sceptical - but having weighed this morning and seen the lowest figure on the scales since I started RC am now feeling hugely positive and will be doing my best to stick to low fat healthy food. Added incentive is if fat is eaten with the tablets according to the GP I will have diaorhea although this hasnt happened yet.

So thats some of the background will try to keep this up to date with progress, I think it will help me aswell by recording this on here.


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Hi there,

I did RC (my fave diet other than CD) and Orlistat too. I think it really helped. I lost about 1 stone so yo'r on a great path already.

I hope you keep posting and letting me/us know how you get on.

Lots of luv - CC x
Hi Cahching
thanks and I will endeavour to keep this diary up to date with progress.

hello again
well so far so good since starting the tablets still nothing bad has happened despite having a bit of an ooops today. Have to be good tho cos have a WI on Thursday - should be interesting!! Have to then contend with going camping for about 10 days whilst trying to diet!!! Will update this and the ticker on Thursday night with hopefully good news... hee hee :)
i spoke too soon!!! had a horrid gurgly tummy (and the rest) last night and I will be trying to resist any mores oops in the future. have learnt my lesson!!
thanks ali good luck to you too xx
thanks starlight I thought i saw you in another orlistat forum!! BTW I think what youve done is amazing - congratulations! yr an inspiration on this site. Well I am going to find out if ive lost anything tomorrow so will update then.
thanks starlight I thought i saw you in another orlistat forum!! BTW I think what youve done is amazing - congratulations! yr an inspiration on this site. Well I am going to find out if ive lost anything tomorrow so will update then.
I dont post in an Orlistat forum so it must have been someone else :giggle: Ive made a brief reference to it on another forum (f2s)

Best of luck for your wi :)
oops starlight sorry xx
hi .. am thrilled to be updating this with the news that I have actually lost this weeks - 6lbs off - yippee.
Only problem is am going camping for 10 days on Sunday and am somewhat concerned about sticking to the diet always find it far more difficult when in holiday!! xx
Yay !!! Well done you :D :D :party0049:
Where are you going camping hun? Could you maybe try and do low fat diet and not take your tablets? Or would you rather plan on continuing with your tablets?
We go away in July for 2 weeks, static caravan in Dornoch. And I'm planning on continuing with my tablets, but its a wee bit easier for me as its the caravan. No help am I ? lol
Ali xx
thanks Ali, we're off to dorset and i will probably take them with me but not sure whether will take them all the time as just more worried about having any evil side effects when not in the comfort of ones own home. we're also going with a group of other people and i just its gonna be really hard cos theres bound to be loads of food around. On the other hand I am due to go back to the GP not that long after we return and am concerned that she might take me off them if I cant show her progress - I have to be strong!!
Hope you have a lovely time caravanning and enjoy it and thanks for your support. how was yr day?? xx
My day was good one. Gym this morning and had what I feel was a fab work out ( although at the time I don't think my thighs were in agreement :D :D )

I was speaking to my mum about my concerns about our holiday. And that I was determined that I would continue with what I'm doing. Her answer was to say, *but your on holiday* :rolleyes: The thing is though, that for me this isn't a diet as such, its a complete lifestyle change. I refuse to go back to what I was this time last year, and that means that holiday or not, the kitchen scales, the Xenical and the food diary come with us to Dornoch :D
well done on the gym visit theres one at my work but im not sure whether i would have the confidence to go there at the moment.
I totally agree with you on the lifestyle change and think I will definitely try to continue for the holiday i cant bear to put weight back on again (yes its happened many times and I hate myself when it does). thanks for chatting off to sleep now - early shift tomorrow 0600hours aaargh !! xx
Just a quick update ... am off on hols camping in Dorset tomorrow and am gonna miss these forums alot!! Would take the laptop but wouldnt be much use out in the sticks!! Have had a good week and been sticking to the low fat diet, good results on Thursday have inspired me further and Im gonna sort out a bit more exercise once Im back. Might venture back to the gym at work but not sure yet. Im also finding that clothes are starting to get looser and I just feel alot better in myself and about myself - my head seems to be in a better place than it was which can only be a good thing.
Only slight hiccup is that the RC class leader informed us on thurs that the class i am going to is not viable any more so shes having to stop that one and for me the only other I could get to wth my shift pattern is closed aswell. Shes starting more in Sept (and they will be closer to where I live) but I find going to a class helps alot so may have to go further afield for a while. I do have the incentive to stay on track whilst away as have to go back to the GP soon after we get back and she wont be happy if I havent got some results to show for having the medication!! Its gonna be hard tho while camping!! Sorry for waffling on take care everyone and catch up soon xxx :):):)
Hoping, you sound so positive and upbeat, I'm really really pleased for you :)
Have a great holiday ...see you when you get back hun :)
Ali xx
Hi all. JUst got back earlier today from camping and feeling refreshed but a bit sunburnt!!! Wasnt the easiest diet wise but I tried to be sensible and have decided not to beat myself up if i have gained a bit - gonna weigh tomorrow morning.
Had a fab time but am looking forward to getting back into the weight loss groove!! xxx :):):)

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