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Horray It's Friday**lets Do It Hour By Hour**


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Off to work, then to the VETS AGAIN...........My dog has 'tampons' in his ears, and these have to be removed today. He smells, so I guess I have parted with £110 last week for nothing! Oh the joy of cancelling pet insurance!:D

Hope you are all grand losers again today!

I am eating toast now. Not the most ideal, but I had a leetle too much alcohol last night. Must get back on Dancings Waggon.


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Morning peeps

Off to the doctor's today again, not happy with the inhaler's he's put me on, I find it difficult to take, and I don't like them. I'm hoping he'll put me back on what I had before.

Other than that, I'm expecting a nice quiet day at home.

Forgot to say, my weight sts this week, but I've lost 3 inches in 3 weeks

Good luck to everyone with weigh in's, I hope you're all big losers


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Morning Everyone. Yipeee! it's Friday! Not sure what I'm up to today. But I'm sure the kids will keep me busy. On day 4 today. Woke up with a headache but drinking loads of water before I have my first shake. Grr still totm (lasting now for 2 weeks) not fair!

Hope everyone has a great day and good luck with the weigh ins!x


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Morning All.
It's a gorgeous day here. I've got Kindermuzik this morning with Ella, then food shopping for OH. Hopefully after that I can get up to the park to spend some time in the sun.
Hope you all have a fab day today. Good Luck to all those with wi's. :D
Oh my god.
I've just stood on the scales & found I've lost 5 lb. Amazing. I started on weds. Drank loads of water & had quorn & mushrooms in the evening. I've even had bread & butter during the day. Not good I know. But that has given me the will to be good today & stick to it properly.
My son is in nursery so after a quick trip into town I'm working from home so should be able to get loads of water down me & not stay to far from the loo.
I'm sooo please. Now I just need to stick to it.
Good luck everyone x


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Morning all

we all seem in good spirits today must be the sun lol.

Hope you all have a great weight loss day ,get out there and feel the sun on your face (be quick tho prob only here till dinner time )

Well I have 5 weeks till my hols now and not got much to wear so hope its hot lol .Just got my insurance to sort out now .So deserve this hol worked hard this last year given up smoking drinking and food lol .Now going on a 2 week bender o the joys 50 weeks been good 2 weeks of anything goes is this the same as 80% good 10% bad Im meant to be doing to maintain

Good luck with WIs xxx
Hi gang

DH and I are going to a wedding reception tonight. Really looking forward to it, got a new dress, had a spray tan and done my nails. I know I'll only be drinking water but I'm dead exicted. Scales haven't moved much but I feel thinner for some reason.

Anyway have a good day everyone.


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hey all day 10 here! lost anougher lb last night. so 20lb in 10 days! wooow! im off to barnsley this weekend =[ i have 8 tetras to take lol. Going to go and get my water flavours at 12 =] yay!
morning everyone,still sick with the flu. In such a miserable mood, wish it would just go away and leave me alone. Best of luck to anyone with weigh in's and to the loosers :)

becky x


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Morning all! Hardly slept last night thanks to ds refusing to stay in his own bed for more than 10 mins... so I overslept this morning, but managed to get dd to school, then rush off to my CDC's for my weigh in! 3lbs off this week officially (2lbs of which I put on last week! :eek:). On my scales I am now 14st exactly! I'm so excited to think I may be in the 13's in a day or 2!

Went to Morrisons after to get a few bits, especially some sparkling water lol. Just got home and have started on my first shake with a coffee. Sun is shining, all is well!

Hope you are all having a good day!

S xx


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I'm wearing the Next jeans I bought last week which were too tight when I tried them on at the time.... They fit perfect now!! I haven't worn Next jeans EVER before!!



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I'm wearing the Next jeans I bought last week which were too tight when I tried them on at the time.... They fit perfect now!! I haven't worn Next jeans EVER before!!
That's fabulous. I have to say although it's nice to see the scales going down, I think I like it even better when I go down sizes in clothes. :D
Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a good day, I was night shift last night so feeling a bit sleepy. Thought I would come on here to catch up and try and get some water down my troat. So far at 14.35 100% good :) xx


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My FRiday is going fine, first day off work in 9 days and I felt whammy this morning...normally when feeling ropey I would binge eat myself better...but today I carried on with the plan and now I feel fabulous and flat tummied (not how I would have felt in the olden days).

How's everybody else's day going?


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Hi everyone, Gosh it has been quiet on here today.

I am nearly through day 6, just 1 more shake to have. On my 4th litre water, hope to finish that before bed. So bring on day 7 and my 1st whole week completed for ages...Head is definaely in the right place at the moment.

Have a great evening all


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