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Horrible day

Really don't want to drag people down but I'm having such a bad day I'm sat here crying my eyes out and can't stop.

Everything has gone wrong today. The VOIP phones at work aren't working properly and I have to switch the router on and off to get them to work each time. That made the printer all of a sudden not show up in network connections. The I.T person who helps me out is away at the moment and his stand in was not standing in :mad:

Then a client I have set up interviews for on Monday after confirming on the phone and via email tells me he didn't realise one was at 9am and that he can't do 9am (the candidate is all set to go)

So I've come home...to a letter from HMRC saying my PAYE and NI is late. It's not. Phoned them and they are just so completely stupid that I lost it. The woman was telling me I need to make payments before I pay my staff (when I won't know what those payments are). I absolutely detest HMRC. Got off the phone and broke down. The sheer frustration of dealing with them is unbelieveable. I have no idea where they find their employees. They are so unhelpful.

Called my accountant and he's not around.

I just feel what is the point of having my own business. I can cope fine when I don't have to deal with stupid people and technology.

All I want to do is sleep. I forgot my antidepressant yesterday morning, so had to take it night and so had a terrible night's sleep.

Perhaps I could cope better if I wasn't tired. I feel so much pressure - I have to take out the dog, I have to go on my x-trainer, sort of an MOT, sell my old car. Really struggling to cope with anything today and just want to curl up :(
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Mustn't forget that I lost my bank card as well, although have now found it, minutes before cancelling it.
Then I squashed the cat in the door, so she'll hate me.


Winning a losing battle!
Aaw bless you, you really are having a rubbish day.

Can't really offer much help but you sound like you need one of these...:hug99:
Wow – what a day you have had ... it’s amazing how technology makes our lifes so much more easier however when things go wrong with it boy do we feel the back lash !
.. i am sure just writing it down and venting it out has helped, take a deep breath , big glass of water if you drink coffee sit down for 5 minutes away from pc/mobile distraction and just clear your mind,
You have done fantastically well with your weight loss shown true determination and it’s really encouraging to hear you run your own business ... i know at times their must be a lot of pressure on you ( like today ) but they can be no better feeling than working for yourself,
Give the cat a treat .., and take the dog out a nice fresh air walk will be really helpful – leave the phone at home give yourself some time
I always feel better after a good cry ... i think your a very strong determined woman and sometimes we all need a release, it’s by no way a sign of weakness see it as a positive, ((big hugs )))
Wannabe xxx
Thank you for all of your lovely kind words and taking the time to respond :)

Wannabe - doing exactly that - sitting down with coffee, got all tears out, talked to accountant and feel a bit better.

Sometimes just everything gets on top of you and it's sods law it all happens at the same time. The planets must be aligned in a certain way today!

Feeling more positive - it's the weekend and technology can wait till Monday. xxx
That’s great to hear – i guess best to have it all at once so you can have a nice relaxing weekend ... but your right it all comes at once !
Hoping you do manage to have a relaxing weekend ... try pushing things to the side you the boss but you deserve a weekend off as well!!
Agreed and a weekend off without stress is a lovely thought :) x
Hey Watergirl, give yourself a big pat on the back - despite such a stressful day, not once in your original post did you mention you wanted to eat off plan, etc. Would the old you have turned to the biscuit tin?;)

A bit of 'time out' from work stuff over the w/e will do you the world of good. Hope your w/e is chilled:cool:

Hugs :hug99:

Thanks Milsey. Yes I would have eaten...everything in site!
I seem to go the opposite on CD and forget to even have my shake if I'm really fed up. x


supposed to be working!
Liz hun - I wonder if you're still up to read this: some points for you to read over carefully -
- it's just one day. if we didn't have sucky-a$$ days like the one you're having today we wouldn't be able to identify and appreciate things when they're going perfectly and when the sun is shining or when you're having a blissful day with your other half or when the cat comes over and cuddles in your lap and you've got Dancing with the Stars on and everything is perfect. Life *is* contrast.

- Cry all you want. Never feel worse for it. See every tear as a kilo of frustration and notice that you're crying out the suckiness and smile through it. Sounds wierd, but try it.

- SHIFT YOUR FOCUS AND APPRECIATE. VOIP isn't working? Change your focus to the fact that you're sitting in a cool room with a roof over your head and people who love you nearby and give thanks for this. Or shift your focus to the fact that you have come such a long way in your business or acheived so much in getting the body you want and give thanks for the fact that you had the resources to make it happen.
Sounds trite, but appreciation is the quickest way to feel a bit better, no matter how crappy your starting point is.

- Do something that will make you feel good. Give a good friend a call; cuddle up with your cat on the couch for a bit; call up your OH and tell him he better give you some good loving tonite. Whatever. Just do something better.

Hope this helps. Tomorrow will be a better day - but if you try today might turn out pretty great too! BBxx


Cambridge Diet Councellor
Sounds like you have had a bit of a rough day! Try to find some quiet time for yourself, even if it's just a few minutes to take some deep breaths. Try to focus on all the good things you have in your life and count your blessings. I know after a difficult day it can seem impossible to be positive about things, but doing this will help!
Put on some relaxing music and jump in the bath for a long soak, and don't worry about the cat they are quite resilient!!
Hope your day gets better xx

Sunshine Singer

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Bigs hugs hun. It's so hard not only running your own company but having to deal with all that too. It's not like you can walk away when you work for yourself. Hope you're making sure to take breaks and have a cuppa.

Sending even more hugs and hopefully things will be better 2moro. Keep in touch lovely xxx
Really struggling to cope with anything today and just want to curl up :(
Watergirl, if it's any consolation, your post has helped me out with two things:

1. grab another glass from the fridge :D
2. phone AMEX Corporate and sort them out, they haven't taken my DD for some reason!

But the water was the main thing; every time I see you post your name reminds me to pour a glass


Gold Member
Eh, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.
Or something like that!

Like someone said in a previous post, not once did you mention that you felt like eating a Big Mac or a pkt of wine gums(!?!) - and normally that's the first thing we would have done before CD... grab something to eat because that would have made it all better... NOT!!!

Chin up! It's nearly the weekend. Oh joy!!


ps. How's the cat?!
just sending love xx
have a nice long bath and a great weekend!
Binibikini - you're right about appreciating things. There's loads of charity adverts on tv during the day and they've made me realise I'm lucky! Have cuddled with one cat - the other has run off lol

Chickenpie - thank you. A bath later on sounds like a fab idea. Think I'll wait for BF to get in and have one when he's eating (my prime time for bathing so I can't smell his food!). Yes, cats are resilient. She's used to attacking our dog so I'm sure she's not fazed too much by my clumsiness :)

SS - thanks hunnie, you always make me smile. Another cuppa is a fab idea - gonna go and make one after posting this!

Lunarjim - glad that I've helped you :D Hope your water is going well. I'm down about 2.5 litres so far! Keep glugging away.

LV30 - it is funny how the thought processes change. I think because I've been tired I tend to think 'right, shut down time' instead of 'food time' which is a good thing. Kuma the cat is fine, but probably a bit disturbed!!! I have 4 cats and 1 dog and whenever I cry 3 of the cats run off and hide, but 1 of them and my dog come and crowd round me till I cheer up. Not that I cry all the time :eek: Don't wanna sound like a basket case lol.

Towergilly - thanks for that hun. Baths seem to help with everything don't they! Baths, hot chocolate shakes and early nights are always a good thing xxx


please try again
wow you certainly had alot to deal with today!
cry all you want hun, better to let it out then bottle it all up
the folks that deal with NI and all that really do suck, my dad had his own buisness and my mum did his books, when she got sick they promised to cut him some slack to get it all sorted and then shafted him completly, lovely bunch of folks arnt they

can you take time out over the weekend? do something just for you completly un related to other peoples wants and demands on you?
Thanks hun. Yes, thankfully I don't work weekends! Although I've just done a CV for a friend, but I don't mind doing that!
I'll be doing nothing this weekend, but relaxing.
Hoping to go to cinema and see Time Travellers Wife which is one of my favourite books :)


WILL be Slim!
oh honey, you sound so down right now!
HUGE HUGS coming your way and hope that the sun setting on the day will make things better!

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