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horrible day

I know its hard but try not to think about it too much. I found I was constantly talking about it and thinking about the fact that I no longer ate food and after a while I talked myself into being hungry.

Now I'm only 2 weeks in but instead of thinking about eating food I constantly tell myself how proud I am to have lasted so long. I think about the fact that my last meal gave me horrendous indegestion and that I can now wear my favorite trousers.

Occupy your mind with something else and before you know it it'll be bed time and another day has passed.

Good luck hun. Keep us posted xx

It WILL get better, You just need to try and distract yourself. Go for a walk, Read a book, Take a long hot bubble bath, Do a virtual online shop of all the fab clothes you will buy when you reach your goal x etc I found that drinking water when I was hungry helped.

Hope you feel better soon

i know you are 100% rite, its my friends bday today and i offered to do a buffet thing just a small one but i really wasnt ready to take this on i wish i hadn't. i will know from now on if i last not to do that again.
there is so many emotional ups and downs with this diet the physical i can totally handle.

thank you for replying think i needed someone t talk to.

good luck with your goals .
Awwww hun :-(

I know know know how hard the first few days are. I felt JUST like you do; miserable and hungry. The thing is...you CAN do this and I PROMISE that it does get better.

However miserable you are now...just think about how much better you're going to feel when you've lost the weight you want to! All of us have been through exactly what you're going through- and it IS possible to get past how you're feeling. This isn't the easiest diet by any means but it's certainly giving the best losses I've ever seen. If you can possibly make it to your first weigh in it will give you a massive boost and spur you on. By that time you'll be feeling less hungry and less pre-occupied by food as well.

Do me a favour....get a bag/rucksack and fill it with the same amount of weight as you want to lose. Lift it. Feel how scary it is! Then look at the losses people are getting on LT...think about YOU being in that position....YOU feeling slimmer and happier. I'm only into my second week and I KNOW it's hard. But it WORKS. If, like many of us, you are really desperate to lose some weight then you CAN get through this.

Big hugs and keep your chin up

Luce xx


Positivity is the key
i think i have t quit i feel so horrible wanna stay on it but its so hard and i know no one said it was easy but i feel totally **** i wanna eat food and and get locked. please someone say somethin t make this feelin be over cause it feels lik tomorow is never gonna come:cry::cry::cry:
I am sure you will soon feel better. It's nice to see someone expressing their emotions on this site, your one of only a few. I sometimes feel the same way as you do, and think, I am the only one. My way is to let the feeling overpower me and believe that it will end in it's own time. I read recently in a health magazine--that dark moods can be good for us--and how we deal with them is crucial! If we give into them,they become stronger:we weaker and not able to fight them off. In Japan, the people there see them as a challenge, a hurdle or a mountain to climb. A much better way than we westerners think. I hope you feel better very soon!
Aww hun so sorry your feeling like crap, but i promise you it really does get better, dont forget you`ve eaten for the whole of your life and its a hell of a habit to break but once you get into ketosis it will turn itself around and that weigh in will certainly be worth it... try and keep a positive mind hun and do things to try and keep your mind off it and keep sipping your water... as for the buffet have a shake before you start making the food and you might not be as tempted to pick while your doing it xx good luck hun xx
p.s keep coming on here as often as you can because the support on here certainley gets me through tough times xx
I do hope you are feeling more positive now. I have so nearly reached for food today as it was always my comfort in times of stress. Things will get better, we just have to find ways to re-educate ourselves during those times of boredom, stress, etc when we would have eaten in our pre-LT days.

The self-control and strength needed on this diet is enormous but the rewards are better than any other diet I have ever done and so worth it.

Take care hun.


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