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horrible week

what a week!
:wave_cry: i havent been replying as i was ill on tuesday, had v v v v bad constipation, i wont go into detail but i was really ill, i didnt have much surport from bf as he thought i was making it worse than it was, anyways cut long story short, i went doctors and they told me to stop LL, did think about it, was v close in doing it as i didnt want to feel like i did on tuesday every again. i wasnt drinking enough water which i am sorting out now, i have been carrying on with it, my anxiety has been really bad this week as well, just feeling really down about everything, problem with anxiety once one thing goes wrong everything seems to snowball. i have always turned to food to deal with anything and not been able to has been sooo hard. im pleased ive stuck at it. im babysitting in hour, i dont know if they will have internet i can use im really hoping so, as i havent been to this familys house yet. i keep looking at everyones post on my fone but whats sooo fustrating is i cant reply it wont let me!!:mad:
i just hope next week is much better i dont know if i can stand anymore of this feeling:cry:
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oh HC, big hugs hunny, I really recommend you get some psyllium husks and put that in your shakes and get some dulco-lax for when you are really 'bunged' up.

I know what the snowball effect is with anxiety, as I have depression, and the same happens to me.

The fact that you haven't turned to food says a lot and I think you should stick with that - hang in there girl !!
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oh hon - sorry you suffered. Been there, done that - have several T-Shirts. That is I'm afraid about the only side affect I suffered with, and still do - though slighlty improved now on rtm, thank god.

That is why it is soooooo important to drink all your water. Really aim for 4 ltrs. Otherwise it all turns to concrete. I have hada few bouts that made me quite ill - and took days to resolve - its not good. Nor is it healthy. So drink drink drink. And try psyllium as suggested, or what I found worked for me was 9 Fibresure capsules a day - 3 at a time, and a laxative about every 3rd day. I then became far more regular.

2 weeks ago I was really bad about water 2 days - and I paid. I really was about 30 seconds from going to A&E - but the moment, erm, passed. :D Just in time. But was dreadful.

SO - you have my full sympathy.

Don't give up the diet - it can be controlled. You maybe are finding you are highly susceptable, as I was - and if you take planed and controlled action now, you should be ok aside from the odd round or two.

Hang in there honey - and post when you can. I had wondered where you had been. Thought you muswt have been out struttingin your new size 14 jumper! ;) :) :D

<big healing hugs>

thank u for ur replys it means so much to me, to know others have same issues, im going shopping tomorrow for the things u both metioned, im happyier at moment as i have internet at babysitting, going to have chat with bf after babysitting as want to sort my head out with him as well, i am really happy i stayed with it, i had to drink milk on wednesday as i only had 2 packs tuesday and throw up 2nd one and went home and left other 2 at work as was ill at work, which i feel cheating bit but needed it so i guess its not. anyways i cant wait till tuesday to go session as i missed it this week. my mum and nan is coming down tomorrow, im having chocolate body wrap and facial at champleys so i should cheer up a bit i guess!


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just to say the same as above really good advice ... i have suffered with the exact same probs with the toliet thing... and the anxiety probs i suffered years on and off and i know wat a horrible thing it is... i hope u have a calm and restful weekend and good week next week xx


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Oh wow that wrap sounds lovely. I was looking at treatments, I think im going to have a special treatment for every stone I lose. I think my first one will be a wrap or maybe a hot stone massage, ive always wanted one.

Hope next week is much better for you now that you have been given advice from all our experts here on MM.


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