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horrorific thoughts



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Woohoo, well done :)
Cheers peeps

Day 2 was 100% and my water intake was good awell so more snapps for me **

Day 3 and think im slowly creeping into ketosis as im not very rumbly today.
I dont feel like im excited anymore but 'this' doesnt feel like the norm yet either its a weird feelin like im neither here nor there in the world. i think its because im waiting for the official week 1 weigh in till im fully committed mentally even though ive paid the money for a month so im bloody using the packs!!

what do i want, what do i want?

I want to be :-

I am well aware losing weight does not magically bring these but its a starting point im sure.

Trying to think of goals other than the usual 7lbs but my brain doesnt want to commit to actually saying size 12 as i dont know if thats realistic, and saying see where i get to doesnt seem like im very committed. Adain with the feeling like im not sure where i am at the moment.
I suppose once week 1 is over i might feel differently
Ok so yesterday evening had massive massive row with my boyfriend . And normally to punish him and relieve myself of pain i would have stuffed my face.

But instead after i had calmed down and had some flavoured water(wih malic acid) i ate my toffee nut bar.

Comfort eating did not win!

So day 3 was a roaring 100% .

Woke up with the yucky mouth, tested the keto stick and yes im dark pink, must drink for water now to combat the effects of ketois. Bring it on day 4!
Well done :) That's the kind of situation I find the hardest, so I admire your willpower and commitment!

Hope you have a great week 1 WI!
cheers you guys, im proud of myself.

Day 4 was 100% too .
I must say im enjoying the coma like sleep at nights its lovely.
I am a nodding dog come 10pm so shuffle of to bed and get zzz in.

day 5 now, I keep thinking if i can just make it to WI and then everyone says its easier after week 1 so thats what im aiming for.
Well done in being 100% so far :D
Week 1 weigh in should be a great feeling x
The sleep is awesome!
Only two days to go til WI - are you excited about it?
I am and i am not:eek:

I know its a long journey and thia is only thw start of many wi's and i have to have a break in 7 weeks as we are how to spain for 10 days
Good luck WW_horror! Sounds like you're doing great! I see you're from East Lothian, I'm from Edinburgh :) Didn't think there were that many Scots on Exante so it's always nice to find others that are close by! Hope your first weigh-in shows what you want!

Strawb x


I will do this...
Hey - just dropping by to let you know you are doing grand :D

I was in East Lothian yday, I live in-between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

*waves to strawberry kisses* hey to u too - there is a few scots on here xx
Aye loads of jocks on minimins which is nice, i like knowing some of the support is actually near by:)
Just eat your shake your soup and your bar, thats it! no other choices to make for food.

I will keep this up
Week 1 weigh in this morning and im down 10lbs.

you would think id be elated but im not i feel yuck
Terrible with my water yesterday so had headache and was really tired, went to bed at 10pm but couldnt get to sleep and i feel so fuzzy and dehydrated today and a bit rubbish....where is my high?

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