hot powder flavourings????


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now its very autumnal (i love that word.....) outside i was wondering for hot drinks can we have the flavourings hot? I love the berry with cold so thought just maybe i would give it a whirl? what do you think?
also can we have coffee mate in coffee? i cant stand black coffee and surely this is better than milk!
theres only 22 cals per spoonful. thoughts please
thank you
I'm pretty sure it'd be OK to have the water flavourings hot but I think it'll be a no-no to the coffee mate. It's not so much the cals than the carbs that gets it the thumbs down.

Some people us a spoonful of vanilla shake to their coffee but I've never tried it.

You'd think Cambridge would have come up with a low carb 'milk' substitute wouldn't you :rolleyes: It would make life so much easier for those who really can't drink tea or coffee black.

Have you tried the savoury vegetable drink? That makes a nice change when the weather is cold. It reminds me of chicken noodle soup without the noodles! :)
Deffo an excellent idea to have the flavourings hot - they were a staple for me last winter (OMG - nearly a whole year ago!!) Plus, you can add a crushed paracetamol to them to make a vlcd-friendly 'lemsippy' thing if you're feeling flu-y (if there's such a word).

Deffo no to coffee-mate, I'm afraid!

The veggie drink is a good alternative! Great description of it, Debbie!
Id definately give them another whirl, my tastes have changed so much, what I loved at first I dont like now and vice versa!!!!

Need to try the water flavourings warm me thinks, Ive been so cold for 4 days x
I only drink the water warm with flavourings, it is nice and quite sweet so you only need the edge of a teaspoon mixed in.