Hot water for shakes..


How long should I leave the water after boiling before making up the shake and do I have to put in some cold water too, or can it all be hot?

Sorry to sound so dim, but am about to make up the first ever CD Shake :confused: Thought I would try the mint choc warm as it's turned really cold over night.

Had 2 pints of water so far and it hasn't been too hard really - I so hope this is the diet for me.

I make it up cold and microwave for 1 minute. Boiling water will destroy the nutrients, but if you let it cool right down it will probably be ok.
Hope you like it !!
Ahhh right - does microwaving not destroy the nutrients too? The kettle boiled about 15 mins ago so will probably give it a whirl now.

Thanks - I hope I like it too !
My CDC said its fine to microwave, but not for longer than a minute as it might boil.
Hope you enjoy it!! Mint choc is yummy hot
This is how i do mine -

Boil the kettle. While it's boiling mix my shake in the bottom of my mug with cold water until it's a runny paste. Make sure there are no lumps and then add the hot water and stir like crazy.
Hope you like them!!!!
I make mine the same as boofaloo. I use the hand blender to mix mine in about an inch of cold water & then add the hot. I make mine in a big Latte mug as I like my shakes long
I don't bother mixing mine....just bung a mug of boiling water in the blender..(the glass of the blender cools it down so it's off the boil) and whizz for about a minute....

Can't be doing with any extra

OO thats good to know Linda. I always added the cold water so it mixed properly but if i can just leave the water to cool for 5mins and do it that way that will be better. :)
I use a frothie maker it warms it up first and then you can froth it. The good thing is its a great temperature not boiling just right.
Thanks all for your help.

I left the water for about 15 mins after it boiled and then made it using just that water and then used a mini blender for it.

It was not bad actually, would have liked it to be a bit hotter if I'm honest, also is it supposed to be sort of frothy, like drinking the head of beer? This was how mine was and whilst it was ok, would have been better smoother like hot choc.

Thanks though, so far so good. Is it common not to feel any symptoms in day 1, no head ache, tiredness, not extra hungry so far (had 1 shake and about 4 pints of water) etc If it carries on like this I will be fine :-]
cupcake-its my day 2 and i havent had any symptoms either. I was worried i was doing something wrong. But how can i? I guess we're just luck i suppose maybe it will effect me in the coming days
Good luck
Thanks Laura, glad to hear i am not the only one experiencing any symptoms, although to be fair I am only on day 1 so would be surprised to have any symptoms so soon.

How are you finding it? I have been ok today. Had first shake about 11:15 warm choc mint and that was ok, bit frothy but drinkable. Then held out till 5:30 and had a thai chili soup, again, ok but by the end of it I had more than had enough of it :-] Then just had a strawberry one to finish off, not mad keen on it tbh, bit too powdery, myabe needed more water and whisking more.

Good luck for tomorrow :)
Day 1 was fine for me and day 2, 3 to 5 I struggled, and now day 75!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you cut down on carbs before hand then you may not feel any symptoms of withdrawal.

Dont panic, it works!