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hi all

weve been thinking about moving for a while, and mum coming to live with us, so are looking at very large properties.

saw one yesterday, which weve been keeping our eye on for a while now. its just changed agencies, and reduced the price by 100k. its priced now at 695 but is quite old fashioned inside.

if theyve dropped so much already, what would you reckon we could put in as an offer? start at 600 and work up? or is that too low a drop?

its the most expensive house weve ever considered. but once moved, we will never move again.

its a bit daunting really, but we all like the house and the location. and hubbys very happy for mum to live with us. the house is big enough that we wont be living with each other really, she will have her own quarters within the house.

showed mum the details last night and she was already planning which bedroom she wanted !! and how she would decorate and furnish some of the rooms...

its a bit of a dream really, but if we dont take the plunge soon we probably never will..


Have you spoken to the estate agent and asked them why the price has dropped? If the vendors have changed then it's probable that it was overpriced with the first agent and they've accepted that the reduced valuation is more realistic to getting a sale.

It could be that the first agent was over zealous because they wanted a bigger commission fee for the sale, the more they sell a house for the more money they can charge in fees.

I would think about offering 600k, do you know how long it's vbeen on the market? The vendors may want a quick sale if they've seen a property that they want, so you never know they might meet you half way between 6 and 7k. The worst they can say is no after all, and then you could up your offer by a percentage and see what happens.:D

Good luck, hope you get it for the right price, keep us all up to date with the news!:D
is it on right move? Do send us a link!

I would put in an offer, explaining why your offer is the value it would have to spend x on a new kitchen, bathroom, y on decorating etc. Talk to the estate agent - if they think you are taking the mick they would tell you!

I agree about talking to the estate agent. Although they are obviously acting for the seller they are usually very good at explaining what's going on and what the vendors will be likely to accept.
If you offer 600k then can only say no! :)

Can I come and stay in Boiler Room Number 2 on the first property!!!
No I'd only end up drinking it all, the boiler room sounds great!