How are the family taking the changes??


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Hi all

Just wondering how the new diet etc is affecting the family / people you're responsible for feeding!

I have found that myself (obs!) and my 14 month old daughter have had a complete diet overhaul which is fabulous although her nappies are very fresh!! thanks to all the veg!!

My son's aged 7,5 and 5 are not so keen the dirty looks the plates get are priceless although they do try god love them!

They know it's healthy and didn't have an unhealthy diet before it's just now EVERTHING! is cooked from scratch so it's a bit of a change for them as they love,love,love pizza! bless!

On the whole a very positive thing for my family.

Missal x

ps my mums also wanting to do this she keeps ringing and asking can she eat this that and how many cals does this have in etc!!
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My other half is great, he'll eat pretty much what i give him, and even though he is sort of fussy over flavours and textures, if 'm cooking it and its helping me, he wouldnt think twice about eating it!


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That's half the battle some time if you are trying to lose weight and have a partner who does not need to/ want to, that's why i got rid of mine! heehee! no but seriously he would be ordering take out curries etc, he had our daughter last night for a few hours (as i mentioned she's 14 months old) and she had curry for tea whilst with him, i just smelled her breath all night and that was satisfaction enough! not only that the smell was nice but that he's not going to be losing any weight any time soon eating like that! haha

i know i'm evil aren't i!

missal x


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I have two very small children, 1 and 2, and thankfully I only have to cook for them at the weekend, as my childminders gives them a hot cooked meal everyday. This means I can make do with a weight watcher meal and micro veg, and keep the calories down to about 400. I make sure I cook on the weekends though :) As for my OH he works odd hours and most the time he fends for himself, he asked me to cook him a pizza last night and I realised it was over 1300 calories and I used to eat them too OMG!! Now im actually looking at packets im amazed sometimes at the crap that is in a lot of food.


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i know, i did the same at my mums the other night, she gave my daughter a yoghurt and i was trying it, then i though hang on - check the calories! it was 200+ cals i nearly dies that's like a meals worth!!

Shan't been sharing any more yoghurts!

Missal xx


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My OH loves cooking but since I've been on my diet I've also really taken an interest in cooking (rather than just the eating part heh) so now I get to try a load of things I never would have. I eat courgettes and everything haha! I usually get about 4 of my 5 recommended portions a day so I'm quite happy with that. I don't have any kids so I don't have to have any crisps or sweets in thankfully but when I go to visit my nephews I will make the effort to eat a jammy dodger!

I think eating out is probably the biggest thing, I'm a vegetarian aswell so its usually a shedload of cheese and pasta which can't be good or I have to have soup wherever we are haha. The last 2 times we've been out we've sat at our table only to look at the menus and leave cause there just isn't anything for me. I feel so awkward but thankfully my OH doesn't mind (not yet anyway haha)