How are you re-starting CD ?


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For everyone restarting CD in the new year, how are you restarting ? Are you just going to start straight on your desires CD plan or are you going to do low carbs leading up to CD or have you another method ?

For me, it is about biting the bullet and getting back into the routine. I have always tried to have my shakes at certain times to fit around work and my general lifestyle.

I have had a week break for Christmas and I am back on it today :D So I have my paracetamol at the ready, and my water!

Good luck with your re-start!

Hugs x x x


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hello hello everyone, my name is amber and this is my 2nd time really really doing this diet! i've had a couple of tries in between, but the 1st time i did lighter life i lost 60lbs. then went to visit family in the states and havnt been able 2 stop since:( sadly i gained 40 of it back in the same time i lost it. my hubby says @ least you didnt gain it all and more, so i am starting fresh. i am actually on my 3rd day and struggling, i am in the states again visiting been here 4 a month and already gained:( 1mnth left 2 go and i am determined that it wont beat me! it shouldnt right? its just a place......i would love 2 join the group!:) GOOD LUCK ALL!!!


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for me it was pretty much just getting straight back into it.

i did a day of two shakes and a normal meal in the evening and then the next day i went SS and this seems to work for me. the evenings are my hardest time. i can go all day SS and then if i am going to cave in, it will be in the evening.

so far, so good though. day 3 of SS and i am still 100%! the day of 'weaning' obviously did me good!

i did CD back in August 2008 and i lost 7st in 6 months. i put it all back on except for 1.5st. so this time WILL be my last time on CD so i am determined to do it!

good luck everyone! x


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Cold turkey for me, straight back into it today, 3 strawberry shakes a day.

Talk about in at the deep end.

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Hi everyone,

I'm going to jump straight back in. I'm an all or nothing sort of person so I need to commit to it straight away or i'll forever cheat.

Any way which helps you get back into the diet is fine as everyone is different. As long as you start that's the main thing.

Good luck guys

Party Girl x


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Straight back on the wagon about a week ago..


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Good question,

I m doing a 3 day fruit soup detox Thursday to saturday picking up my supplies on saturday and begining Sunday. 3 days of light swimiming and generally 'sorting out the kitchen'. I'll be doing around 810, so I'll prepare my protein in advance and freeze it so that when I begin 'proper' I am not cooking.

I am not going to do S/S for a while, much depends on my weight loss. but I know last time I found I found 415 left me too tired.

and mentally, this time round I am not telling my family or friends .... I am just going to get on with it.



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I had the last meal fling and then got straight on - felt fairly yuk the first few days but now fine - I guess its whatever suits you best - xx


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The way I did it last time, and the way I am doing it this time may be a little self absorbed and drastic, but it worked for me so I thought I would share it. I took two days annual leave when the children were staying with my parents and my husband was working away, and focussed on one goal only - to move into the plan 'cold turkey'. I had the packs in half measures every couple of hours, and every time I felt hungry in between I had a glass of water. I had a couple of books ready which were completely absorbing, and a couple of programmes recorded which would keep my full attention. I ahd sudukos at the ready and spent much of the time on this site. I had a 'nap' in the middle of the day as well as going to bed early. It was very hard particularly not having a drink of tea with milk, but I was determined to get through it. Guess what, by the end of the two days I was fully in ketosis and so protected from any hunger pains or cravings. I hope this way works again, and however selfish it seems, it certainly worked!