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How can I make it different this time?

Hi Everyone

Today I have started my umpteenth re-start! I seem to be able to SS for a month, lose a stone and then it all goes wrong! After a month I start to feel a bit under the weather then start binging llike there's no tomorrow, put all the weight back on plus a bit more then get my head in the right space to start all over again. Every time I re-start I really think that this will be the time I really do it!!

Has anyone got any ideas how I really can make it different this time? Has anyone else suffered from this yo-yo pattern? I must have lost the same stone at least 8 times!! Why can't I keep going? I look at the before and after photo's (Porgeous - you look fab in your recent photo) and I really want to be like that!

Any help / advice appreciated. :)
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Wow, you have done brilliantly - 91 lbs !! You are very near to your goal now - you must be thrilled. How are you feeling after 29 weeks of shakes?

I actually haven't lost anything cos I keep putting it all back on plus a bit more. I have about 4 stone to lose. I started off with about 3 stone to lose!!!! I am going to give it one last try. I don't think its time of the month but its something I will keep an eye on this time - I do tend to crave sugar at this time.

Thanks for replying.
No, its fine to ask questions - you have done so well, you must be doing something right. Yes, I do stick to SS rigidly for four weeks, no cheating at all. I'm wondering whether it might be not drinking enough water? After four weeks I feel physically exhausted and mentally down. I feel I really need to eat something to feel better. So perhaps AAM may be the answer. I do feel that, having done this so many times, I have learnt a few lessons so maybe I can do it this time. (I think I might need to change my username to "Oh god please let me do it this time!!")

Thanks for your advice. Glad you are feeling FAB! Perhaps some of the 'under the weather' feeling is all in the mind and keeping positive would help?

Good luck!


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I'm wondering whether it might be not drinking enough water? After four weeks I feel physically exhausted and mentally down. I feel I really need to eat something to feel better. So perhaps AAM may be the answer.
hiya :) what you describe there is exactly the way I felt the first time I did Cambridge last year. Felt absolutely dreadful by the time it came around to the AAM week...and then started picking up. Came to the conclusion that it just wasn't the diet for me and came off it, I was so disappointed because weightloss wise it was working brilliantly but I felt dreadful.
After Christmas this year I really wanted to have another go and so phoned up Cambridge and explained my symptoms and the lady I spoke to suggested drinking more water - at least 4 litres per day. I decided to give it another shot and see how I want...just starting wk 10 now and I feel super, I don't feel anything like I did that first time at all so in my case it definitely was lack of water that was the problem. I wish I had known this last year but never mind, it's working great for me now and soon I will have shed all of the excess :D

Good luck with trying again, I hope it works for you.


I will get to goal .....
hey there,

Best of luck for your restart!

All I can suggest is that you forget all your previous attempts at CD and approach this like it is your first time. Forget that you know what you are doing and find all the enthusiasm and excitement that you had first time round. Check yourself on simple things like planning your 'meals' for the day - what will you have, when will you have them - how much water you have drunk - how much should you be drinking etc. And stick to it 100%. No little extras like coke zero, follow this to the T and reward yourself with a big hug when you complete each day.

The trick to CD in my opinion is to take each day as a blank canvas and plan to finish it on a high - i.e. cheat free and feeling good about your achievements of making it through everyday.

Set yourself little goals a few at the time. It might be anything from 1 complete 100% SS day through to a weight goal to aim for. I set little goals close together so I always have something to aim for (see signature below).

Most of all you have to forget about the time aspect of CD. Forget that last time you failed at the end of the month, plan this time to see it through to the end - GOAL and how you will feel. Perhaps make a plan in your diary based on losing the average stone per month and work out when you will start moving up the plans - Anything to keep you motivated past your weak point ;):D

Above all, if you are struggling on SS after a month, try SS+ for a while. it will make a change and give you something to look forward to. The losses are about the same so there really is no need to struggle.

Best of luck chuck. You can do this - but you have to do it for yourself and for all the right reasons.

We're all behind you 100%.


p.s. sorry for that long post. just wanted to share how I managed my 3rd restart and have stuck to it into my 4th week:D


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for me there one weekend i was in the car nearly all day driving and i only managed to drink 2.5litres water that day. i felt soooo awful. I usually have 4. so this may well be why you feel like that.

Keep going anyway and best of luck
becky x
Thank you all so much for replying. I will keep returning to this thread to keep reading them over the next few months.

Its very interesting that two of you felt terrible when not drinking enough water - I think that may be the answer.

I will forget the past and pretend this is the first time! I think I might have a fighting chance this time.

Thank you all once again and good luck to you all too :)

i feel like that too and had a nibble on sunday then it lead to a full easter egg:mad:
but i didn't stop C/D i just put it behind me and carried on. i get weighed today.

i also agree with the water making you feel better, before doing the diet and on one of my many hung over sundays i would force a pint of water down and it would re-hydrate me withing no time. so now i make sure i ahve 3 litres + each day. i fill them up in the morning and they are everywhere. in the car in my boyfriends car, in the bedroom.. lol

good luck

be happy


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Hi honey....I can only agree with everything everyone has already said before me........:)

The 4 week thing could very well be when your TOTM is happening or maybe not.....I don't actually get TOTM cravings I get mine 2 weeks before that....this weekend has been such a time again and I realised what was happening.......with it being a Bank Holiday weekend and not getting anywhere near enough the correct amount of water in....being out of a routine etc...well it really affected me...not just weight loss wise, but emotionally too......

I felt really down and out of sorts, lethargic and just craving carbs badly....but now I've found my triggers, next time I am planning on doing things differently....

It may help to keep a diary of how you are feeling and what is happening in your life...that way you can read back and easily spot what your body is telling you and at which times of the month....

One of the major things on this diet is definately the water........I've learned the hard way this week and have set a mini goal of drinking at least 3-4 litres a day for the next 6 weeks.......regardless of whether it is weekend, holiday time or anything else...I will keep to a routine and I will NOT deviate.......

You take that express route to slimdom hun.....don't take the scenic route....this way you will be at goal in no time and ready to start moving up the plans and starting the next step in YOUR new life!

Good Luck babe........you can do this! :D