How can you visualise yourself thin?


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My consultant advised me to visualise my self thin? How can I do that? I have never been thin? I just can think of getting to smaller sizes but the image of me been thin, I can not imagine? I think I am fat, and even if I lost a lot of weight I still look fat? Do you understand what I mean? Any advice?
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I can't visualise myself slim but I can still picture myself when I was 21 and i was slim then so that's the picture i have in my head

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I have never been a slim adult either so I visualise myself wearing all the clothes I want to wear and suddenly I'm thin!


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I can't visualise myself thin, what I do do is visualise myself doing something I can't do now... for me its jogging. It might be worth a try.



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I find this so so hard as well. Perhaps looking at some clothes you want to fit into and feel confident in? Or I look at my friends as we're getting ready to go out and think ' I really wish I could wear that strappy top/dress/shorts etc....'