How did you cope with cooking?


I have a husband and 3 children, and do 90% of the cooking - I dont pick while I eat, so am wondering if I just make the food and then make myself scarce while they eat, this might work?

I work but less hours than DH, so feel bad expecting him to come home, and cook when eh bathes and puts the small ones to bed anyway :rolleyes:

Just wondered what everyone else had done!
Hi Bib

Horrible isnt it!!! :eek: Basically I just have to suffer:( :) . I just tend to look upon it as a very necessary thing to do - I try to make an extra effort to make my kids healthy stuff - that way I feel virtuous because I am abstaining and ALSO pleased with myself because I am feeding them something nutritous.

My problems are the left overs - I just hold my breath and tip them STRAIGHT in the bin - so fast - as soon as they are in the bin the feeling of wanting them passes and I then feel great cos I have not given in to the temptation!!

Good luck!

Hi BiB

I too find the leftovers are the trickiest bit. I now try really hard to cook the exact amount I think the children will eat easily and then if they are still hungry offer them extras eg yoghurt, baby bel, apples. I quite often leave them to eat alone and log on to minmins and just listen out. Then go and clear up the fall out later! After a few weeks my husband joined me on the diet so that helped me there.

I also have my own CD soup at 5pm just before I start cooking and so I am not hungry myself.

Sure you will find your own coping strategies in time.

Dizzy x

Just thought of one more, the times I don't resist at cooking time so well are when I am over tired so do all you can to stop yourself getting too tired at this time (I know not always easy!)
I work with food and have 3 kids so I'm constantly around food having to prepare it etc. I thhink the more I've been around it the easier it has got over time.

I also have a soup when the kids have their meals usually. I make sure I put it in a bowl not in a cup and that helps a lot.

I kind of taught my kids from an early age to empty their own leftovers in the bin so I wouldn't be tempted to eat them.
I gave my kids ready meals for the first couple of weeks, so that I didn't have to cope with cooking scrummy, aromatic things!

Harsh, but it worked lol!

Now I couldn't care less what anyone else is eating around me - 'being slim tastes better' etc! lol
I have to say, since I've started this, I have cooked my daughters dinner,given it to her in the kitchen and walked into the sitting room with a coffee...Cooking I dont mind, but she takes so bloody long to eat that I cant stand being there watching!!
I cook all the meals for my husband and son, dish it out then disapear upstairs. When i come back down the dishes are done and everything is away. xx
I was very lucky in that hubby insisted on doing all the cooking in the first week, then i said hang on i need to cook, and so in the 2nd week i did the cooking and found i was making them stuff i wasnt keen on lol, then making sure my soup was ready atthe same time, i was only ever tempted when making ptato wedges, but i was good and resisted lol, if i ever had a day when i felt like i might cheat hubby cooked, but he is a sweetie and im grateful for his help,
Must say that I truly admire all of you who have children to cook for. Not sure I'd have coped with CD nearly as well in that position.

I was really lucky as Mr.D, bless him, offered to have his hot meal at lunchtime while I was at work and ate salad each evening to spare me the cooking smells. A real trooper 'cos I started back in Feb and the weather was pretty cold then :eek: My big test was always Sundays when we have my Mother for dinner...........smelling those casseroles was murder for the first couple of weeks :(

Like isobel though it really didn't take too long before it stopped bothering me what others were eating...........NOTHING tastes as good as being slim feels :D :D :D

Guess the really important thing to remember is just how much you want this and how bad being overweight feels :)