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How did you decide on target weight????

OK so I originally thought I would like to get back to 10.5 stone (which I was years ago) but in reality thought I would be happy at 11 stone. I am 5ft 5inches and always had an athletic build.

Now I don't know.....I am liking me now where I am! (never thought I would be saying that!). I am now a size 14 (was a size 20).

Also which scales do you go by???? My mothers says I am now 11 stone 2lbs. My scales says I am 11stone 8lbs and chemist scales says I am 11stone 13lbs. So that is BMI's of 26, 27 & 27.8. I was really going by my scales - middle one. I know the healthy BMI is 25 and below but not sure if I can maintain that......???? I was VERY involved in sport for years and even at my most competitive my BMI was 24.5

So what do you think? And how do you all decide on your targets? And whose scales do you go by????
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I go by the pharmacy scales as mines differs greatly, I chose my target BMi as 23 as it gives me a small few pounds to play with that could change though over the next few weeks
Im 5'8 and quite broad but according to BMI i should be 11 stone but I would like stupid at that weight so I decided on 12 stone so that if I love it wont be to bad.
I go by my pharmacy scales.

My ultimate target weight is the lowest healthy weight for my height but my current target is 8st 5lb as I believe that's the lowest I will be allowed to go on TFR. However, once I reach that target if I'm happy I'll stop there.
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Hi hun, I am planning to go off my pharmacy scales as I don't have any of my own and in any case they are likely to be more accurate.

I'm at BMI 30 and am 5 ft 5. I have selected just below 10 st as I would like a little buffer and don't want to go over 10stone. Saying that as I haven't been near that weight in years I will be flexible and if I feel good at a higher weight then I would consider stopping at that.

I don't think there is any point going off any measure other than how you feel yourself. As maintenance will be hard for me as a yoyo dieter I think maintaining the weight I get to is more important than getting to a silly weight if i don't feel good about it.

Its brill if you have got to a point that feels good for you, well done x


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It was entirely arbitary... it still is... :eek:

I originally wanted to get to 12 & half... then when I was nearing that I adjusted it to 11 & half... anything under 12 stone will do me if I'm honest :)


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i keep changing my mind! I am going on pharm scales till they kick me off tfr, then going on mine. i think i have to come off tfr about 8st 12 or 9 stone (I am 5'2") but i want to get to 8s 4lbs, it was 8s 7lbs, but I want to get to my lowest weight, which was 8st 5lb about ten years ago (when i was about 27) and i figured for a few pounds extra i may as well break a record while i was there!

I used to do power lifting and martial arts etc, so i am quite musclular too, but i want to get down to below my competing weight (8st 10lbs) anyway, but i cant work out that hard anymore, so will get as much fat off as i can - and then work keep it off with gentle exercise and low cal eating.

so my bmi will be about 21 or 22, plently of room for it to increase as i get older without getting overweight. i dont want to sit on the boarder of being fat. i want to remain a healthy weight for the rest of my life.

good luck and well done so far. personally i advise getting to 24/25 bmi at least if you can.
It was entirely arbitary... it still is... :eek:

I originally wanted to get to 12 & half... then when I was nearing that I adjusted it to 11 & half... anything under 12 stone will do me if I'm honest :)
Sounds like me Im just dying to see 11 something on that scales then I will so chuffed I just want to give myself a little cushion of a few pounds because I dont ever want to see 12 stone on a scales again.
I don't ever want to see 13 on the scales ever again... nearly 14!! :eek: Nearly died I tell thee...
I don't ever want to see 15, 14, 13, or 12 again!!!!!!
TFR is Total Food Replacement....ie Lipotrim shakes and nothing else. Welcome and good luck!
I chose bmi 22 as its in the middle of healthy weight so it'll give me room for movement.. but i think its important to get to somehwere were you feel comfortable and at your best.. if im healthyand i feel good.. even if its nearer the 25, then i'd stop there. Althoughim just starting..so only time will tell :p
I'm kind of thinking of getting down another bit and then try living at it for a while......that might seem nuts.......but well partly because I'm not looking well at the moment......tired....bags under eyes......drawn....not sure if it is all the sudden weight loss.....think I might try growing into it a bit if you know what I mean.....


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I always go by the pharmacy scales, however, if in doubt go to Boots and use their proper ones.

As for targets... I think you know when you are there. If you are happy at whatever weight you have reached and the way your body has altered, why go lower? However, I think it is always good to have a buffer zone. Atm, I am quite happy- but not happy enough but I know that I am nearly there...... at least I think I am!
Hi all I'm sticking to chemist scales as i dont have any of my own I dont want to see 17,16 again i would like to be 12 stone as I cant remember the last time I was that weight.
all the best to you all and I hope we all acheive what we want
I wanted to just lose 3 stone then lose another 3 stone and stop at about 11.5ish but the people at the pharmacy wouldnt let me set a goal which was considered overweight even though the little targets and a weight i thought i could do would have made the whole process seem more managable in my head. so on my first WI they set my goal weight at 10 stone which is half a stone under the top weight i can be for my height , I dunno if i even want to be 10 stone !! and would have liked some say in the matter have gone along with it for 12 weeks but am now a bit miffed off with it.

im just doing it till i look in the mirror and think thatll do ! probably stop at 11(ish) some people would disagree but i think itll be better to be a stone or two overweight than 10.5 stone overweight i may change my mind when i get nearer but at present thats my thinking and its helping me cope with the whole idea in my head
It seems a bit arbitary, think you have to go with your bone structure. I agree with Hannahike, I am over 5.8 big build, but have have looked at the charts and they say my healthy weight is from under 10 stone, I wouldnt dream of getting down to that weight as I am way too boney even at 11 stone. However, I do remember being a healthy looking 12 stone and my Dr telling me I should lose weight, he was just going by the scales not that I had no fat on me and was a size 14. I think you'll know when the weight you are carrying feels healthy. Mine is between 11.7 and 12.
My original target weight was 12st 6, which is 25.0 BMI for my height. However, as I have got closer to the 25.0 BMI I have felt I still have a bit of spare tyre to lose, so now I am aiming for 11st 11 before refeeding, and hoping to lose another 4lb to get me to 11st 7lb. Will then aim to maintain at under 12st, knowing that my weight fluctuates a fair bit.

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