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How did you hear about Lipotrim?


Otherwise known as Jools
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If that is the chap in Wales - then that was the story I heard on Radio 2 - intrigued me too and so here I am along with half the office lol.


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I also read the story of Idris and was amazed. I then did a google and found all you lovely people and bang decision was made and here I am a week further on and 14lb lighter.


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Wow amazing how all us three heard via his story.
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ooo whos the idris. never heard of him!

i discovered Lt through this very site i was doing another diet and getting fab support but wanted faster losses so i switched :)
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A doctor told me !
strange really as i didn't know i was seeing her i normally see someone else now that has to be fate :D

debz x


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a woman comes into my shop and lost 5 stone in 2005 on it, and still has all the weight of, i asked her how and she told me ;)


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S: 22st7lb C: 9st12lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 21 Loss: 12st9lb(56.19%)
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Well I'm off to read Idris' story but my wonderful OH discovered it and tried it first. When I woke up next to a slimmer healthier happier man every morning I jumped on the happy band wagon. :D


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My friend did it for about 6 weeks, losing 13lb in the first fortnight and I remember thinking what a great kick start it could be for my own weight loss even if i could only manage it for a fortnight (i certainly didn't think i'd last any longer, if as long as that!)

And here I still am, lol!
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Friend in work started it as ner mums friend had lost 3.5 stones before xmas 2008 and kept it off. I was appalled at such an extreme weight-loss programme....and a week later, after she had lost 10.5 lbs......I was beating a path to my nearest chemist...!!! It's the best thing I have ever done in my life and I have changed certain destructive patterns, hopefully for life!
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my mum read idris story in the paper txt me to look it up on the internet. she was going to start slim fast until i found this forum and told her about the fantastic losses. we went to the chemist the following day!!! i was shocked to find LT has been around since 80's and only now we are hearing about it!!!


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my mum did lighter life and her friend couldn't afford to do it, so she found lipotrim through googling stuff and it popped up! my mum then told me about it and off i went to the chemist too!!


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A girl at college who was about a size 20-22 started it and I noticed 5 weeks into her diet (didnt know at that point) that she looked different...and she told me about LT - thought at the time,,,mmm...a bit extreme so I will stick with Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness!

But, then I looked into it and gave it a try (first attempt) and lasted over only one full day....wasnt really serious at this point.

Then, I didnt see her again from the Feb to the Jun when we were about to sit our exams and my eyes nearly popped out of my head (as did everyone elses)!! She was about a size 10-12 at most, so within 4 months she had literally disappeared!!!

It took me another 11 months to finally get to rock bottom and try again but with a better attitude!!!

Here I am,,,,,and now refeeding :) and almost 3 and a half stone down.

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My GP told me about LT about 2 years ago but I dismissed the idea as I thought I wouldn't be able to stick to it. Then last year one friend lost 5 stone on it and another started and was losing and I though, what the heck, I could do this. I then went on holiday and had a bit of a health shock (my normally low BP was close to what is considered high) and I started the day after I returned home.


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