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How did you pick your "ideal" weight


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Ive been looking at bmi's and all that and the "healthy" weight for my height has a 35lb range, 2 and a half stone is a lot of weight, Ive set my ideal at the midway point, mainly because I want to get below the 10stone mark but how did everyone decide what weight they were aiming for?

Do we sometimes put to much on what people say we should weigh?
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Hi SammyE
I think we definatley go too much by what others say. People never believed me when I used to say I was a size 20, because although I am short, I never really looked that big. People always thought size 16..! Also, I have a niece (6yrs old) and she is very slim, not overly tall, 'normal' I guess for her age, but when you go to pick her up she weighs a tonne! She is soooo heavy - her bones must weight loads...My daughter the same age, a bit shorter in comparison is as light as a feather. Both girls are healthy - so does weight matter??

When it came to choosing my own personal weight goal, I spoke to my Go Lower consultant and said I didn't really care what the number on the scales said but would like to be in size 14-16 clothes....For me that is healthy...anything smaller I don't think will suit me....so I guess what I'm trying to say is do what is right for you.

Good luck with your journey.


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My current goal (the one in my ticker) will put me just into the 'healthy' BMI range. I'm pretty sure that when I get there I'll want to go a bit lower than that, but when I started I wasn't sure how much lower I'd feel like needing to go, so I'll move the goal when I get there :)


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i've picked 8st because it will put me in the middle of the healthy BMI range, and I have distant memories of 8st being an OK weight for me.
The lowest I've been is just under 7st (I'm very short!), and that looked great on me, but was so, so, so hard to maintain. I'm thinking that 8st is probably more realistic.

But I guess I'll see what that looks like when i get there.


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I picked mine (9 stone 4) because I remember being this weight at about 15 and feeling happy with it, it's also at a decent BMI and a round 6 stone below my start point.

I have a feeling that I will still like to go a little lower once I get there, but I'll just see when I (eventually) get there. I want to be able to maintain the weight too you see.
my final ideal weight would be 165 pounds, i have changed my ideal weight several times. I was 230 pounds, and at that time my ideal weight was 180 pounds, because it is under the healthy bmi (25). However right now i am at 175, i still want to lose more! I still see myself as chubby, and my final target would be 165 pounds, when i reached 165 pounds, i would try to stay there, i dun care what other people say anymore. When i reach 165 pounds i will be sth like 22.4 for bmi, which i think is perfect for an adult man.


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I want to be around 10 stone which is the 'ideal' weight for my height and is in the healthy BMI range for me too.

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