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How did you set your goal weight?

Hmm!! I have been wondering about my goal weight, and if I have set it too high. I have set it at the top of a healthy BMI for my height, which will be the lowest I have weighed since 1989!! However, is it low enough? When I do RTM I will probably gain a little. Don't want to sneak back into the overweight BMI. :confused:

If I keep revising my goal downwards, the time on packs starts to increase, and so does the cost. I need to get to a weight I can easily maintain, if I go too low will I struggle to stay that weight? Will I always be counting calories, returning to packs, worrying about eating? :confused:

Are you aiming for a goal weight? Or aiming for a certain dress size? How will you know when you have lost enough?

Am I just delaying coming off the packs so I dont have to go back into the world of food soon? :confused:
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I originally set a goal of BMI 24.9, but when I got there I still felt like I could loose a bit more. I wasn't fat but I thought "I've came this far, I might as well get to my ideal body weight!". I (stupidly) read a magazine that said that the most attractive BMI is 20.8, which for me would be around 117 pounds (or just under 8 and a half stone). To be quite honest, I think that if I lost a stone from my body I'd be too thin as I wouldn't want to resemble a shapeless boy. I enjoy my curves, so I'm just going to keep on looking in the mirror and I'll stop when I'm happy (which I have a sneaky feeling will be in 7 pounds!) :p
Also, if you know your neck, wrist and waist measurements I can show you how to your medical ideal weight (it's to do with your bone structure and body fat)
I'm aiming for a BMI of 18.5 which I figure will give me some slack as were a very 'foody' family always going out for meals and that. However size 8-10 is my ideal which at 5"2' probably isn't unrealistic.

Good luck with whatever you decide and let us know how you get on, xx
Interesting! She says rushing off to find a tape measure. xx back soon I hope


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I set my goal at 10 stone exactly which is in my healthy range, the concerns I have are similar to yours to be honest! I must confess if I also have a size 12 in mind I am not looking to be a 10 I don't think it would suit me! Therefore I am going to review along the way, the hardest thing is that i don't want to neglect my goal as I would see it as a failure so its a catch 22.

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Hi Happy Healthy,

Wrist: 15.5 cm or 6 1/4 inches
Neck: 37 cm or 14 1/2 inches
Waist: 86 cm or 34 3/4 inches

Many thanks for your help xx


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My healthy goal is between 7.5 - 9 stone for my height which is 5'2". I was last at this weight when I was - well never to be honest unless you count my weight as I was growing lol. I have been overweight all my life and have been up and down with my weight. The lowest I can remember being when I was 21 was 9 stone 12 and I was a comfortable size 12 in clothes. My realistic aim at the moment is to reach 10 stone and then see how I look and feel. At the moment I would love to fit into a size 14 comfortably. Xxxx

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Juslynne, if you're 5'2", your stats aren't dissimilar to mine then... As I was 196lbs when I started... and wanted to lose 70lbs to get to 9 stone...

This goal weight is based on being in a healthy BMI range, and also from my last memory of being 9st about 10 years ago... and how I looked then! Course, my body shape has changed a bit since then, so I am not totally sure how I'll look at 9st this time round... but having lost 50lbs so far, I'm currently 10st 6lbs and am wearing a size 12... and would really like to be a size 10...

Mind you, when I tell people I still have 20lbs to go, they seem very surprised, but then, they don't know what's going on under my clothes... and I think I dress well, so all the lumps and bumps I still want to lose are quite hidden... ;)

But equally, I am open to changing my goal weight, if I find that upon getting to 9st, I start looking a bit gaunt... or alternatively, still feel a little bigger than I'd like... but I'll just have to wait and see really... and get the opinion of someone I trust completely, as it can be hard to know how you actually look... The mind does weird things sometimes, and can take a minute to catch up with the reality of your new shape! :)

So... to the OP, yes, it's a tough one to choose a goal weight, but you can always be more flexible when you get nearer to it... so just pick a figure which is in your healthy BMI... and see what happens when you get closer to it... it's not set in stone, and you'll know if it's right for you as you lose more weight... it's not like you're gonna suddenly hit it and think 'sh1t, what do I do now?!'... all of this, the whole LL plan, is all your own decision... so, it's you call... and you make your own rules... you'll find a perfect weight for yourself when it's time... looks wise, health wise, and maintaining wise... and that's very exciting! :D



I've given myself a goal of 11 stone-size 12's,which I was before and happy at that size,which gives me 7lbs to play with at my lowest bmi,
Like having a weight box by not going above the 7lbs or below the 7lbs!
Wish I thought about that before,then I would not be doing this for the third time!

Sexy xx
Thanks for some great posts and advice as ever Ladies.

Will get to my next goal and decide as I go.

Love your new Avatar Claire. What fab hair you've got. xxx
OOops I forgot what i was going to say- isn't it great that LL doesn't tell you what they think think you SHOULD weigh. Its whatever you feel comfortable with. Your body will probably let you know when you get close Hannah. xxx
slendablenda said:
Love your new Avatar Claire. What fab hair you've got. xxx
Thanks Brenda, you wouldn't think so seeing me this morning - bit of a Worzel Gummage day! xx


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I had trouble with the same question...

I've been over weight my whole life, I'm just taking it day by day i'd like to wear a size 12 comfortably... I have no idea what a 12 looks like on me and I have no idea how much i will weigh...

I think my goal weight/size is when im comfortable with me!

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