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How do i cook a whole chicken in my slow cooker?


Slow but sure....
I've slow cooked a chicken, I rubbed it with ginger paste and chilli, and put a piece of ginger in the belly of the chicken, it smells delicius now, we are having it tonight with cous cous and salad.

You will love your chicken Fern, it will be so moist and the meat will just fall of the bones, enjoy...............
When i did this i couldn't believe how easy it was....do the tin foil thing, sit your chicken ontop, then Voila!! The hardest thing will be for you to get it out in one piece!!!
It's tasty tasty, it's very very tasty. it's very tasty.
I thought with a slow cooker you need stock to cook thins in?
I actually cooked my first slow roast chicken last week.

I forgot to put it in (duh!) so put it in for an hour on high along with some chicken stock made with bovril and then turned it onto low for about another six hours.

That's literally all I did and it was gorgeous..............Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
The juices are not all fat. If you put them in a gravy separator jug, or chill them, you will see that the fat rises to the top and can be discarded. What is left is stock and is fine to use.
To be honest when i saw the juices from the chicken in the bottom i was glad it had drained out. It looked bloody awful.
I threw mine away, could have been a waste i know but it looked so oily.
Iv just looked at mine and think the juices look YUCK lol.


its been on low since half 11 this morn.. and has been on high since 6. . how long do i have to wait now?????? lol

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