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How do i cope with SS at christmas??

Most people on here are taking some kind of 'break', be it a day or a week it varies from person to person. I will not be ss xmas day, but i will be low-carb. I will also refrain from drinking any alcohol.

However I am at goal, so i don't really need to be all that strict. When did you start and how much do you want to lose weight.

Are you highly motivated? I think it can make a huge difference, and xmas will be a lot easier if you know how much you really want to lose those excess pounds.

Ultimatley it's upto you what you decide to do. But there is a previous thread asking what people's xmas intentions are if you were looking for more opinions.

Good Luck
T x
hi charleen, I'm planning to have a meat and veg xmas dinner and keep the carbs low. I don't tend to drink anyway and am working till 4pm so will have dinner after. Its boxing day that I'm worrying about as having a family gathering at my mums, there will be no pressure on me to eat as they all understand but its the temptation thats the problem. Why don't you give your CDC a ring and talk to her about it
hi, ive been SSing for 16 days, im having tommorow off, i really dont want to but im going out and want a drink ( i had a baby 3 months agao and my last night out was this time last year!!) so i have to knock myself out of keto so its safe for me to drink, im dreading eating! im also having xmas day and boxing day off, then straight back on SS on the 27th and no more days off!!
i just cant sit at the dinner table on xmas day and not eat, just wouldnt be right lol.
Hi hun how long have you been on ss ?
Is it possible to do a add a meal week and have a small plate of chicken and veg (or turkey) so you can sit with the family for dinner make a frozen tetra for pud or use a mix a mousse .
I did a add a meal week last year as having been on here for a while I had the warnings from many peeps on here who had come off for the xmas party or one day for the shopping trip and they struggled to get back on track ,I felt that it was for 1 year and the weight loss was more important that 1 day but this is your choice what ever you decide to do we are all here to help you through good luck xx
babe, be careful drinking, my mate did CD by doing sole source all week and having one meal out with drinks one day a week. She was so hungover after a couple of glasses of wine and she normally drinks like a fish. think it even shocked her. i think theres a thread about the dangers of drinking in ketosis here, it might be worth a look for some tips
have a great night, you deserve it
hi, thats why i am knocking myself out of ketosis im going to eat carbs to knock me out of it so that im not in ketosis when i drink, i wouldnt risk drinking been in ketosis just incase all the confusing facts are true! :) and hopefully it wont take me long to get back in ketosis.
hiya vampalicious, that sounds like a plan. You should be fine getting back into ketosis after a couple of days like before. You deserve a night out. You look great in your photo, how olds your baby. mines 14 and its gone by like a flash
i am looking to lose at least 6 stone i am a bridesmaid in july and i stupidly told my friend to get a size 12 dress she has actually got a size 14 but it can be taken in i cant be trusted to come off it at christmas as i will never be able to get back on its taken me 6 months to finally stick to CD and i am now on day 2 and feeling great :) if i can do christmas i can do anything , i really wanna prove to myself i can do this :) any tips? oh its my birthday on the 24th so double challenge for me :(
i really dont know if i can trust myself to add a meal as i know 1 meal would turn into 4 think it purr cold turkey for me but i will try and enjoy it i mean talking to you guys last night kept my mind of food and looking at all the amazing weight loss pictures i wanna be a sucess storie too
hiya vampalicious, that sounds like a plan. You should be fine getting back into ketosis after a couple of days like before. You deserve a night out. You look great in your photo, how olds your baby. mines 14 and its gone by like a flash
my youngest is nearly 4 months now, i have 3 more daughters too aged 13, 9, and 4 aswell as my baby it goes by so fast dosnt it!
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think you deserve a medal having a very young baby and doing CD. You should be really proud of yourself. i found it hard to do anything when he was tiny. bet xmas is great in your house. I sometimes wish I'd have had another one, my in laws lived with us till a couple of years ago and we just didn't have the space or the privacy if you know what I mean. he's great though and I have so many teenagers in the house all the time that I can't tell theres only one of mine


now got pictures in album
Im planning on having Christmas Dinner and that's it, nothing else. I'm doing SS+ at the minute with the food in the evenings, but after the new year, I want to go back to SS so I can get the rest of this weight off.

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