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How do I.........

How the heck do I get back on the wagon. For the past 2 months I've eaten everything I can in sight, its been like an alcoholic needing a fix, I just have this incredible hunger. Sure there have been stresses, work, ex issues, child issues etc but never before have I felt as addicted as I do right now.

I've had some halfhearted attempts to jump back onto the plan and lasted usually till about 11am when the gorging begins.

I'm binging to the extreme and its got to stop!

I know the old cliche about no body can help you, you have to help yourself but omg I'm gonna end up putting on the 2st I lost if I dont do something quick.


T4A x
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Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Hiya T4, Good to see you hun, I have been really naughty too, this last few months, but this morning I decided enough is enough, even though it is my birthday tomorrow, I am going to be an angel all day today, and every day after tomorrow lol, do it with me, you know you can. ;-)


soon to be minnie mouse
come on here when you get the urge to overindulge, the guys will all give you the support you need. good luck getting back on track


I ate my willpower!
Maybe you could gourge on your free foods!! I think you will know when you are ready to get back on the plan. After my miscarriage in April, it took me until 2 weeks ago to re-join and get my head in the right mind set. I tried about 4 times to get back on plan, but like you, by 11am I had eaten a chicken mayo baguette!

I just woke up one day and thought, right, enough is enough, I am going to join a new club today. And thats what I did. Good luck, you will know when your ready.
Aww hun, I 100% know how you feel it's just so difficult.

The one thing that sometimes works for me is....... have one good hour... then the next hour, when you want something naughty, think... no I was good for the last hour so I'm not going to ruin this hour.

Take small steps like that and build it up to "good days", "good weeks" and before you know it you'll be back in the zone and having "good months".

We know this plan works (look at all the brilliant success stories) we just have to do it for ourselves.

Good luck hun xx


Just follow the plan
Thats exactly how I gave up smoking. Once I had gone a few hours I felt like I was letting myself down if I did have a cigarette and I ended up giving them up, 14 years ago now!

Tell yourself youre going to do SW today, dont even think about tomorrow. Just one day should be easy, then tomorrow try and do the same. Works for me anyway lol
Hya, I'm sure we can all relate to your post, we are after all, only human and here for a reason! As you say, only you can help yourself and know when you are ready. It has taken me years on/off to finally realise I can't go on 'playing' anymore...this time it's for real and I am finally going to get to my GOAL!

You have taken the first steps in coming on here and admiting where you are going wrong, you know what to do, we will all be here ready to support you when you feel ready to commit, come on you can do it!:p

All the best,
x :D
I was off plan for bout 2 months and am trying to get back on it now, I dont have any answers but it might help to know you're not on your own feeling like this xx
Thanks guys, I knew you'd all have words of wisdom.

Coming back to this forum was the first step and although the only SW part of my day was 2 alpen bars, thats another step.

Got my books out and we'll see what tomorrow brings.

T4A x
welcome back T4A we have missed you! Yes coming back here is the first step and to do that your head must be coming back into the 'zone'. We have all been there, I go there at least once a year and it is so frustrating but when your head is in the right place the feeling of eating the right foods and the feeling of being in control is better than any of those naughty foods taste. Read through some of the diaries and food diaries for inspiration and start your own food diary on here x

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