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How do u have yours?


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Sorry i know this has been done before but there always new ppl on here and ppls taste always change!
So...........wot do u have each week? do u stay the same or is variety the spice of life?

i always have 14 choc tetras and 7 spicy tomato soups!
1 tetra to drink, 1 as ice cream and soup for dinner!

And i love them!!
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I've just bought 7 choc tetras (always have one for my *lunch* as a hot chocolate usually,) 7 Choc mint shakes (Mousse for tea :D), 5 butterscotch and 2 vanilla which I shall have for breakfast with husks (Butterscotch) or with coffee (vanilla).
Well I always have 5 choc tetras and 2 banana just to break up the week! I have them for breakfast at work as they are easy to drink and no preparation involved. 6 bars, 1 a day for lunch again as no preparation, usually with green/peppermint tea and then in the evening I either have soup or shakes depending on my mood or the weather (usually soup when it's cold/raining).
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WELL i have butterscotch shake with husks for my porridge every day!! and either pot + leak or chicken and mushroom soup for my dinner THEN choclate shake OR a bar for supper!!

with atleast 3 litres of water a day :)


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i tend to get a variety of different things from one week to another, have strawberry , chocolate, choc mint, butterscotch, toffee&walnut, toffee bars, orange bars, caramel bars, veg soup, potato&leek soup and chicken &mushroom soup.
However, i always get 7 chocolate shakes as i make a large upside down trifle every day. think im rather hooked on that to be honest. first thing i do every morning is make my jelly. lol


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Im boring and only have choc shakes as went off all the others big time.
I always have either tomato soup or veg soup for lunch,
Before when i done the diet a had a bar a day, but i found it stopped me losing as much weight, we dont want that do we!!!
I get Tetra's (all choc, banana are bleurgh:p) for the weekends, then have mostly Toffee and Walnut during the week. I tend to have 2 T & W's a day with either a Choc, Choc mint, Vanilla or Cappuccino as my 3rd.

I Luuurrrrrrvvvveeee Toffee and Walnut, but not hot, it taste's wierd hot:D


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I get 10 Banana shakes, 4 vanilla 3 toffee & walnut (so i can have a muffin every day) and usually the toffe bars..Yummy x
At the moment I'm having strawberry shake for breakfast choc or banana tetra for lunch and a choc made into a muffin for tea.

Going to change next time (I go 2 weekly so next week). Going to go for tetras for brekkie and lunch and either a bar or choc pack made into a mousse for tea.

21 Chocolate tetras, but i do have a backup supply of strawberry and vanilla shakes.

I wish i could have the soups, the chicken, and the veg are so yummy.

ooooh, also, i get mix-a-mousse cos mixed with a chocolate tetra its SO yummy xxx

Mrs B

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I have a shake for brekkie (made with half a pack and loads of water), a tetra for lunch (I like both), cooked pack for tea (muffin, cookies or crisps), sometimes a jelly and the other half of my breakfast shake for supper. That sounds like loads!

Oh forgot I have a bar for tea at the weekend.


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Strawberry and F of the F for me. And a malt toffee bar every day, 1/2 in the afternoon and half when I get home. I usually split the packs in 2 so I can graze all day!! Loving the mousses too.


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It has changed a lot, for the last week or so:

I alternate choc and banana tetras for brekkie at work, then when I get home I always heve Vanilla and cinnamon porridge (mmm comfort food!!) Then I have a bar for tea (Love Choc Orange) and usually a hot mint choc or a cold butterscotch before/in bed.

Although I discovered 'icecream' yesterday so I'm havin banana icecream tonight. Also subsitute with the odd soup.

5 8 so I get four packs a day.


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Banana tetra comes to work with me and get put into 3 coffees throughout the day-yummy.
Soup when I get in- with a bit of tikka curry powder on Friday nights as it's curry night. Sometimes make the soup into crisps and have a cup of bouillion with it.
Mid evening- my beloved bar. Peanut or cranberry. Bedtime- skae as a hot choc- choc, choc, peep or choc orange.
Sometimes swap the soup for a mousse!
Also have water with water flavouring and sparkling water ina champagne flute for a treat!
( Actually like that a lot better than champagne whicvh I ncannot stand!!)
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3 bana tetras,3 choc tetras,3 cran crunch bars,2 choc mint,2straw,3 cappocino,2 forestfruits,1 butterscotch,2 toffee walnut and a tub of mix a mousse!!!


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I used to get a mixture of shakes (I never have soups as I don't like 'em) but recently I have just been having F of the F for brekkie & choc shakes for my afternoon snack & tea time. They all go in my blender with some ice & a teaspoon of p husks. I usually have either a cranberry or malt toffee bar at lunchtime, I used to buy 5 toffee & 2 cranberry but it's switched round in the last week or so as I now prefer the cranberry. It is weird how your tastes change, isn't it?
I only like the chocolate mint really!! I sometimes have the chocolate tertas too as ice cream or on the days I'm at work.

When I first started I used to have a really varied diet (so to speak!) I loved the chicken soup as crisps and the toffee and walnut as muffins but now I don't like any of them any more. The smell of the chicken soup makes me feel awful!! Funny isn't it - Must have been overkill. Goodness knows what I'll do when I go off the mint choc!!!


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vanilla made into porridge for brekkie choc shake made with 6/8 ice cubes for dinner then either frozen choc tetra or a choccie bar for tea .Never eaten so much chocolate before lol

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