How do you cope when others are eating?


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day two for me and feeling ok.

Tonight will be the first night I am at home whilst their is food being consumed (husband and daughter ate early last night before I got in from work!) I just have a feeling it is going to drive me insane but I cannot avoid being at home.

What do you all do? do any of you actually cook for others whilst you are on Cambridge? I am a terrible picker and fear I would pick out of habit more than anything else?

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Hi Nina, welcome to the world of CD. I cook for my 12 year old son every night and take great pride in not picking at his food when I am cooking it. Its very very difficult, particularly in the first few days when you're still hungry but once you have your first full week out the way and see your weight loss, you'll be so proud of yourself for not picking and less tempted to do it in the future.

I generally get his meal served, clear the kitchen of all the bits left over and then sit down with him and have my soup. Dont get me wrong, it would be soooooo easy to reach over the table and snaffle half his dinner but so far I have managed not to. I think to go down the cd route in the first place we have to be at a certain point of desperation as it very extreme so for me, my motivation and determination have taken over and whilst I'd kill for real food, I can see the slim me struggling to get out and for the first time in my adult life, the only thing I'm giving in to is that slim person inside and I'm going to let her out.

Keep with it huni, focus on the end result and dont be tempted to pick. If you're feeling like you need to eat, come on here and chat instead, it fairly passes the time and there will always be someone around to chat to and to offer support.


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I cook for my family every night, when the food is ready I serve it up then clean the kitchen and cooking pots whilst they eat , I make sure they each put any left over in the bin, I sometimes go and have a bath while they eat just so Im out of the way but I must say cd has made me enjoy cooking


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Well done on getting to day 2, I'm one of those people who get a sadistic pleasure of cooking whilst on CD. I tend to cook, serve it up then go make my porridge and sit down with him. Give it a week or so and it will be so much easier. Good luck


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Hi Mrs T, glad you are doing ok on Day 2, it was bit innerving having to cook for the family in the beginning but i got used to it and in fact stating cooking more interesting food for them, i usually do the same as the others have said, cook, serve then clean up whilst they are eating and sit down with them towards the end with my soup. I am always shocked by how much i would have eaten of the leftovers prior to being on CD and it has helped me realise how much denial i was in about the amount of nibbling i used to do. I always get the kids to scrape their own plates off to so i am not tempted! It has defintely got easier over the weeks.
Good luck!!


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Thanks for the answers, I hope it is something I can do with time. Tonight I am going to go in and go straight up for a nice long soak and then do my nails which are in need of some attention. I found myself getting a bit aggitated last night with things and I don't want to cause upset at home:eek:

Come the weekend I know Lauren is going to want to bake, it's something we have always done together. I might suggest an alternative though and shock her - like going out for a nice bike ride or swimming. They are things which I have always avoided doing with her and left to my husband :)


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Hiya :) I live with my Parents and last night they had a roast, I was dieing for one but all I did was had a tiny tiny piece of yorkshire pud off my Dad. Then I came into the front room and got engrossed in the TV, it's a lot easier now for me to resist - plus you can have a good sniff of it too and that seems to cure my temptation.