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How Do You Cope - With A Small Loss?


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I am asking this as it's weigh in Thursday morning.

I have only lost 2lbs so far this week (I weigh on my own scales for my CDC)

Usually when on WW I would be ok ith a 2lbs loss, but this diet is different in many ways as I don't treat myself on weigh day (As I always did - Fish and Chips etc).

I am trying to get my head around the fact that after a 11lbs, 6lbs and 4lbs loss I may be faced with 2 and I am worried I will be disappointed and be in the frame of mind that 'I could lose that in a week on WW'.

I wonder if because I have 3 pints of sunshine juice a day (1 third of a spoonful of sunshine in each drink - making 1 teaspoon a day) It is stalling my weightloss?

Also as I have said before I am on Day 12 of a very heavy period (was always light before CD for a few days 4 times a year - have implanon implant). Obviously this will have a bearing on my weight loss as I am absolutely flooded at the moment - sorry for too much info).

I suppose what I am trying to say is how do I stop myself from going off track if the loss is 2lbs?

I am going to stop the sunshine for today and tomorrow and just drink plain water to see how it goes. I also only have 3 bars per week near the beginning of week, therefore only shakes/porridge for the last few days.

Any advice welcome !
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can see the end in sight!
All the 2 lbs losses add up hun, your losses have been fab. I have sts this week, but have had a couple of meals off plan, but it's still annoying! Keep your chin up, you will get there.
Hi hon, my weight loss so far this week is only 2lbs too and I get weighed in on Thursday but my weight will often drop a pund or 2, then stay the same for about 3 to 4 days then drop again so am hoping for a drop again before Thursday weigh in!

When I did LL 3.5 years ago I lost 4 stone in 3 months but there were 2 weeks when I only lost 1.5lbs in a row :mad: I was gutted but I just stuck to the plan 100% and trusted the diet, the 3rd week I lost 8.5lbs :D

So my advice would be if you have a week or 2 even of low losses - just stick with it and a large loss will come!!!!

Hope that helps keep you motivated xx


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Hi Hun,

Small weight losses are inevitable some weeks. My CDC told me it is your body catching up with such rapid weight losses, and advised me to measure. I found that on weeks where I don't loose as much, the inches go instead.

I also have very heavy totm while on CD (but before CD they were non existent - so better her than not at all) On my 1st week of totm I was amazed I lost 7lbs, but the next week (yes I was still 'on' and yes, still very heavy) and I sts. That week I was pretty gutted, but on the same line, my inches had changed slightly and I knew the following week I'd loose.

I think when you have a small loss, the thing to do is not get disheartened, measure yourself and keep looking at inspiration to motivate you. I'm sure the following week you will be a good loser!

Big Hugs x x x


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Thanks for the replies, I know it's a case of getting in the zone in my head ! Emma, thanks for your post re: periods, I was beginning to think it was not normal, but it appears you have also gone thru the same thing which is reassuring.

I know it's a case of little lbs add up, and I know that there will be weeks where I may stay the same, if I can get myself mentally prepared for that perhaps it will see me thru !

Can I ask if anyone has noticed anything different weight wise when having the juice mix?


is gonna do it!!
I lost 3lbs last week after a week when i lost 5lbs and i was pretty gutted, but have carried on cos I know that i will have a big loss soon, and so will you x keep with it


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Hey Charley - me again!
I have the juice mix, 1 tsp a day as allowed. I have not noticed any difference in my weight loss. On top of 1 litre of juice mix a day, I have a jug of iced white tea (with a sprig of mint) and I have 1 can of coke zero each day too. I do twist the rules a little bit with the coke zero, but it hasn't effected my losses at all.

However saying that, everyone is different. An idea may be to have 1 week where you try the juice mix and see how it works for you? If it does make a difference to your weight losses then you know to steer clear, if not, happy days!

Hugs x x x


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Thanks Moti, I think 3lbs would put a smile on my face, there is just something about 2 !!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to be 12.8 as that is my 'sticking point'. I think once I get there it will give me a boost to get below the point I always give up diets and actually become closer to my actual target weight.


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Hi Emma

I am going to stay off the juice today and tomorrow and see if that helps, I just enjoy it and it helps the water go down a lot easier.

Will let you know how I get on, thatnks for all the really useful replies, you are my angels who keep me going !
Hi there. For the past 2 weeks I lost 0.4lbs then 1.4lbs. I was pretty gutted but like you I'd had some good losses up until that point. Sometimes your body just needs time to catch up and your TOTM is almost certainly affecting you. Chin up! Even though the scales aren't budging much I'm sure you'll still be losing inches. If you have a spare ketostick you could check you're still in ketosis and then at least you'd know you're losing.

I know it's hard because I'm in a similar situation but try not to get disheartened. To cheer myself up I tried on a pair of trousers I have in a size 16 (currently wearing 18s) and I can get them on where last time they wouldn't budge past my thighs. I daren't breathe in them yet but maybe next week ;)


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Thanks Nicola

I know what you mean and TOTM obviously has some bearing on the result !!!

Today I am wearing size 16 shorts which used to be far too tight, and they are a lovely fit, I know for a fact I couldn't get them on a few weeks ago, likewise I wore jeans yesterday which I haven't worn since last September when I began rising up in pounds again !

On Thurs I will get my 4 week measurements so hopefully I will get a nice suprise there even if I don't on the scales !
I just wanted to say that I also have Implanon and I had a very heavy period for 7 weeks when I started CD. now they are monthly I think, next one is due any time now. Before CD I was the same as you a couple of times a year for a few days.




Slimming down the aisle
I think there are many things that can effect your losses.

The water flavouring can if you have too much.
Maybe too many bars for you?
Your period is definitely going to be effecting it, as it causes water retention
But also, sometimes it just happens that one week you have a smaller loss, but it doesn't mean it stays like that, next week you could lose 3, 4, 5lbs, who knows! All you can know is that if you now go off plan in response to that small loss, you will definitely have a small loss next week. Or even a gain. But you can resist, just keep with it, keep on plan, and you'll do it! And when you get to goal you know it'll all be worth it and you'll look at your amazing slim body and this whole journey will seem like nothing anymore, it'll just make you appreciate it more!


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Wow Miss Scoffalot !
7 Weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am only on day 12.....do you remember your losses for those weeks?
Gosh I don't think I could cope ! It's a big shock after 3 light periods a year !


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You can do it Charley! The CD says that you can expect to loose 1 stone a month on ss - for me although each week the losses vary, I still loose that 1 stone a month, which i'm more than happy with.

Chin up, Hugs x x x


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Hey Emma, imagine Christmas...........I see that's your goal............have you been eyeing up any slinky dresses ?

I am going to push the boat out and go for a Monsoon frock - size 12 I hope !
Wow Miss Scoffalot !
7 Weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am only on day 12.....do you remember your losses for those weeks?
Gosh I don't think I could cope ! It's a big shock after 3 light periods a year !
yep, my losses were 7lb 5lb and then 4lb a week for 5 weeks.

Emotionally I was all over the place and one day I nearly threw the towel in then 2 days later i finished and bloody hell was I relieved.

I hope you don't go on for so long. it's a mare.


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Hey hon,
Just wanted to say your losses have been fantastic so far. so well done you!! A 2 lbs loss is still a great loss......... I have lost 2 lbs a number of times and have always tried to look at it in a positive way its like this week I lost 1 1/2 pounds on 810.. it was my lowest loss since being on cambridge but I thought ok its my first week on 810 and I have also lost 5 stone !!!
So look at it overall rather than just the 2 lbs loss.
Your doing fab x
I've just had a 2 pound loss today and although not as much as before it's still half a stone in the last two weeks :) 33 pounds gone in 8 weeks not to be sniffed at LOL

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