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How do you deal with stress?

I always used food as a crutch when I was stressed and today was the day from hell, I've had 2 hours sleep and 2 children under 2 screaming at me all day because they're tired/bored/being a child under the age of 2.

As a result I ended up eating a tin of tuna :mad: I'm just glad my self control kept me from the pasta I was cooking for my son!

Are there any tips/hints with how to cope or will it just come in time??
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Sorry to hear you're having a rough time :(

Stress at work = a nice cold drink and a few deep breaths, rather than the vending machine now... but it does take willpower!

I also do martial arts (well, I did before when I was smaller! going to go back soon!), so I can have a go on my punch bag! Maybe you could try cardio boxing or something similar? You'll feel great afterwards!!

I think it's a matter of time, to re-train your brain in to wanting other things?

I wouldn't beat yourself up about a can of tuna though :) It's a good choice compared to what else you could have had! :)


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I agree with what contingency said.
For me, I tend to go up to a 4th pack or have some protein on the days like you're describing when my little one has been up half the night and I'm really tired. For me it makes the difference between sticking to it and jumping on to something that will really not help the diet.

In my experience it's the tiredness that makes it harder for me than the actual stress, but maybe they go together.

I think it's also just setting the boundaries for yourself, that you will not dive for little one's pasta / sweets etc (I know this has sometimes been a weakness for me, and always makes me feel worse, guilty etc). For me, setting out my goals, why I'm losing weight and keep reminding myself of those, helps me focus on the bigger picture of why I'm doing this than the moment by moment stress that happens.

Good luck, and hopefully your little people will sleep better tonight!
When I'm feeling stressed I start planning a low carb meal, such as omelette or poached eggs and grilled back. Then I tell myself I will have it later when I get a quiet moment e.g once the kids are in bed and I manage to keep on going without caving in and eating something unwise.

Sometimes just knowing that I can have something to eat makes it so much easier to cope with.

Quite often by the time I get around to preparing it though, I don't actually want to eat anymore.

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