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How do you decide?

Personally I've never done a "like" - because I don't see the point. If I like something, I probably want to say something about it, rather than just "like" it. But that's just me.

Otherwise I tend to do Thanks if it's helpful to me, and try to give Rep if it's generally supportive or helpful to lots of people.

But I don't know what everyone else does.
I give likes for something I liked reading, that I don't really need to actively comment.

I thank something that was helpful or nice to me

I rep well written generally helpful posts, that would help not just me but loads of people. :)
I 'like' zillions of things, if I do actually like them but have nothing to contribute! I should give out a few more Thanks, Im only really just getting used to this board :eek: And I dont really know what reps are so Ive never done one :confused:
I only do "thanks" cos I do most of my browsing at work (oops) and its the only thing that works - if I try to like or give reputation nothing happens. The PCs here are weird and dont support all functions on lots of websites (for example on here, as well not being able to do "likes" and "reps" I also can't post a quick reply, or edit my posts, or see a lot of pictures (sites like Flickr and facebook are blocked, so any pictures hosted there just come up as a little white box with a red cross in it))

I do realise that I dont do a lot of thanks and things so I hope people arent too upset by that.
If you get likes you do get a notification of them, and can look and see what people liked (which is easier than going back to look at all your messages to see which ones were liked).

I do "likes" when I agree with, or approve of, what someone has said, without wanting to say anything else.
I give likes to the ones that make me laugh or give me a good feeling and that I agree with and thanks as I would in real life, to be courteous and thank someone either for taking the time to reply to my topic or for being helpful and , to me reps, are really special and I give them for something that I think has been especially right for the topic it was aimed at and to the people on this site who are always so helpful and supportive of so many people.
I'm glad someone asked this. Reps I had no idea about. I "like" something if I agree with it or if it makes me smile or I think it makes sense. If I want to say thanks, I normally just post a thank you. I'm also normally on my phone and can't do a lot from it.

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