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How do you explain?

So looks like I chose the worst possible time to begin, a 50th this weekend, my beet friends birthday next weekend and my birthday 2 weeks later... all of which will involve alcohol in some means ! So obviously you can't drink in ketosis, not only are you breaking the diet but it's very dangerous. How do I explain that I can't drink without upsetting anyone.. ! Do I just fib and say I'm on antibiotics? Deciding to loose weight for the last time, I don't want a few social situations to throw me off again. Thankyou :) Xx
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It's good that you are not using these social events as excuses to put off startying Exante so well done for that, there will always be social events happening :)
I have always been honest and told everyone im on the diet and cant drink they dont seem to mind as long as i'm out lol, I smuggled coke zero in my bag, i know i shouldnt but oh well :p x
Ooh that's a hard one, I have a few social ocassions coming up too but you know what the way I look at it - there is never a right time to commit to a diet because in life there are always celebrations/social events but they don't have to involve alcohol that's the choice you have to make if you're comfortable lying then tell them you're on antibiotics. I had a similar situation last week I just started the diet and a friend wanted a lunch date so I managed to change it to a coffee and chat during which I came clean about Exante. Only you can decide how much sticking to the plan means to you because it's you that has to deal with the pain of carrying the extra weight. Hope you get through this I know it's hard but don't beat yourself up whatever you decide to do.

Good luck



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I have used to antibiotics excuse a few times! And always offer to drive :D I used to drink fizzy water before the diet if I was driving anyway so no one thinks it's weird. The other thing I sometimes say is that my skin is bad so I'm drinking loads of water to detox :) people only ask why you're not drinking to be polite anyway, they aren't that fussed about the answer haha xx
Hmm it's a toughie isn't it! I actually don't get alot of invites to parties etc as I don't really know alot of people where I live! And I've never really come across a situation where anyone is actually okay with me not drinking lol! The general consensus around here is that if you don't drink then you're a party pooper... they obviously think you need to drink to have a good time! I think the fibbing about anti biotics may have to do for the two birthdays and for my own birthday I'll explain about how well I've done (fingers crossed) and plan a get together for when I reach goal! Xx
Great plan just go with whatever makes you comfortable, we're behind you 100%

Difficult one ... just try your best were all here for you! xx
To be honest, i don't see why everyone makes such a massive fuss when you don't drink. I hardly ever drink and if anyone said anything to me i'd tell em to shove off. xx


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Princess_Ames said:
To be honest, i don't see why everyone makes such a massive fuss when you don't drink. I hardly ever drink and if anyone said anything to me i'd tell em to shove off. xx
I don't really drink to be honest. Your right princess it's like your a freak if you haven't got a drink in your hand! Errr hello it's not like I have two heads or anything!! Lol

Don't get me wrong I can drink when I want too ;)
I'm going to the isle of Wight festival this weekend and when I told my friend I'm going with I wouldn't be drinking she was really disappointed.... What? Am I no fun sober or something?! :(
I had my sons 18th party last week and just drank coke zero. Nobody questioned me but i kept telling who I wanted to that I'm on Exante and they were fine. Good luck x

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