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How do you feel now?


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I had some realisations this morning. All through this diet until now I have seen myself as still fat. This morning as I was boarding a bus I saw my reflection and nearly fell over, hell I have a concave stomach the size 14's that were tight around the legs are now loose. Suddenly there is this fairly pretty face with a neck :eek:.
We have had a few new peeps join on here so I thought I would tell everyone how I am feeling after loosing 5st.

I can see the Tanja I once knew coming back to life, being the clown with the silly sense of humour, smile always in place. But now that smile is real, it comes from inside. I no longer push myself into the corner of the elevator to try and make myself look smaller (sometimes I do when I forget I am not Nellie the Elly anymore)
There is a confidence in me that I can't remember ever having. My job is in the balance because of location moves and restructures and my boss leaving. It hasn't phased me one bit. It never even crossed my mind that a glass of wine or a pizza will make it better. I have options and I will survive whatever life throws at me.
I have come to terms with so much stuff that I carried with me for so long. And its kind of weird to think that loosing weight can make you deal with things that you always thought had no connection. I no longer believe that no on can love me, I no longer believe that I am not worthy of happiness and success.

I now know that the past is the past.
In the imortal words of Leonard Cohen "It's over now, it's over babe, don't cry no more. I say don't cry, don't cry, don't cry anymore. It's over. It's finished. It's completed. It has been paid for."

I have never thought I would post something like this. Always thought no one will be interested, but this morning I thought to to heck with it. I will share. I am proud of what I have done and I feel fanbl**dytastic.

So to those new to LL when the going gets tough remind yourself of how you think you will feel when you get to goal, and then times it by 10 cause its so much better than you think.

So there is my ramble. Enjoy being a loser :)
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I'm going to be slim
Tange you have come such a long way & done so well the difference in mind & body are life changes that will make you feel proud of what you achieve Well done


I'm going to be slim
Oh yeah I'm still feeling fat but I am doing something to change that & I WILL
im on cd sorry had a nosi at your post hun. well done hun you have lost loads and should be so very proud of yourself well done.

becky xxx
Great post Tange,a nd I relate to it 100%! Its a wonderful change isn't it.

We have woken up. We are no longer sadly sleep-walking apthetically through life. We ARE LIVING! It is fanb**dytastic!!!

I find, lol, and this is funny, but lately, I can't stop touching my tum, hips and bum!! :rotflmao: I think I just can't believe, that those bones I feel, and the flatness under my bra around my ribcages, etc., really truly is me!!! When I lay in bed at night, I can keel my hip bones, and my leg bones, etc.....Ijust can't believe they are really my skeleton thats under there, near the surface. I can't remember EVER feeling them like I am now!!! :rotflmao: Its a strange new world, but a wonderful new world, and yes - I now remember what it feels like to smile, and to mean it!

Well done you! And thanks for sharing!! We are always interested!! :)


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Great post Tange.
You know it is funny how we see ourselves. I had a reunion with old work colleagues at the weekend and shocked a few people even those that I had seen a couple of so months before. I was telling one of my friends tat I still saw myself as fat and she told me that I was slim. She said that if everybody in the pub, I had to be amongst the skinniest 10%! Others were telling me that I had to stop losing weight as I have no bottom/ am too skinny/ look ill etc. etc.

Like you I caught myself in the mirror a little while ago - I always try to avoid them when possible, and I suprised myself.

It is a great feeling when you see that you are slim (well much slimmer anyway), but it is weird that our minds still see the fattie.

I guess there is a term for this weird thought process but I wonder when I will eventually think of myself as a normal weight person - perhaps anybody that has lost a lot of weight could comment on how they view themselves, and if the view has changed to reflect reality, how long it took


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:rotflmao: BL I thought I was the only one with an unhealthy interest in my own hip bones.
And you should see me now infront of a mirror now that the upper arms have some muscle definition....:eek:


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The only one I know is body dismorphic disorder. But I doubt any of us are that bad. I am sure your lightbulb moment will arrive. I just hope yours is not as romantic as mine, reflection in the no 26 bus window :D

I would probably say look in the mirror more get used to seeing yourself there's only so long your mind can deny the fact that you infact slim and healthy.
It's true Mikey - I ALWAYS look at me in the mirror now!!! LOL Vain old gal!! ehhehe not really - I guess it's more to make sure the weight is still gone!! :D That its not a dream!! :D

On my holiday, or soon after, thats when I felt "normal". Even with several more pounds to go - I feel average. Not humongous, and not skinny, but like most women on the streets.

But I too don't really know that I see myself the same way others do. And I get from a lot of people that I look good and should not lose much more. And their comments are not snide...they are genuine people and do not have any malice or jealousy. But there is still a part of me, besides feeling "normal" that sees me how I used to. Maybe not as bad, but I don't think Ihave a clear picture. I guess it iwll come with time. :)



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Thanks for letting me know BL.
I guess the diet is just so very fast that it takes a while for the brain to catch up!

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