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How do you get your chocolate fix?


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I like cadbury's highlights hotchoc with a splash of milk from my HE alllowance to make it extra creamy.
My favourite is the dark chocolate one which is also the least syns at 1.5 all the other varietys are 2 syns.

Another favourite is the orange with dark chocolate sprinkles muller light.... almost as good as a chocolate orange lol

A skinny cow triple chocolate ice cream lollies are good at 4.5 syns espec in the summer!

I've bought some chocolate danome shape delights this week to try.

What are other peoples chocolate fix ideas?
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I use the cadbury highlights but just mix it with just enough hot water to make it like a dip. Then i did strawberries in it!


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i do the choc orange mullers and highlights too. my fav is the hazelnut. MMMMM!!


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I love the cadburys light choc moose, 3 syns and very yum! Also the new Skinny cow choc brownies is gooood! x


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I love the hi-fi bars when I have a real craving. I love the choc n orange and the mint choc ones. I eat the chocolate from round the edge first! One hi-fi bar = 1hexb :). Sit down and eat with a coffee,bliss and no guilt x:D
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I save my HEB most days and having the choc orange hifi bar in the evenings, that usually satisfies me :) xx
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Options for me! Vary in flavours but so far my favourite is the caramel one. Although gonna try the dark choccy one mentioned in the OP :)

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Treat size cadubury buttons! (4 syns)
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I tend to have chocolate when I fancy it (nightly!!!)

Treatsize chocs (3.5- 6 syns)
Mikado (0.5 syns)
Celebrations (2 syns each according to the website)

Sometimes when I have run out of mini chocs, I'll eat some marshmallows or a hot choc with squirty cream and marshmallows!
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A Galaxy ripple after weigh -in.

Me and a freind weigh-in using her WII. As long as we haven't gained, we sit and have a coffee and a ripple.

During the week i use my Heb for an alpen light choc/fudge bar. Usually takes the craving away.
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I'm a total chocoholic and I'm safest if I just avoid it as much as possible, but I do find the choc-orange Hifi bars are good.
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I have have chocolate. Small Kit Kat is only 5 syns.
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I had my first real chocolate craving this evening since starting SW but unfortunately had already used up my syns when OH brought home some carrot cakes :(
my sw leader has not had the hi fi chocolate and orange bars for ages. i love chocolate but hate chocolate drinks or ice cream. i had an alpen chocolate bar today which was 6½ syns and was much better than the alpen lights.

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