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Your Chocolate Fix

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by lt52, 17 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    So a quick new post and thread on chocolate fixes...
    ...How do you get yours?

    I like:

    2 Malteasers for 1 syn
    The 21.5g (I think) that are 5.5 syns (on a good day!)
    Mikado sticks for 0.5 syns each
    1/2 tube of smarties for 4.5 syns
    On a really really good day a full tube of smarties for 9 syns
    Cadbury Chocos are 1 syn each
    Chocolate Chip Snack a Jacks at 3 syns for one big one
    Small 20p Milky bar (tiny fix) at 3.5 syns

    I love crushing the Malteasers or Smarties over Vanilla Chocolate Sprinkles Muller light - a really nice fix to keep me going.

    So.... how do you get yours?

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  3. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    Lately I seem to be hooked on the Weight Watchers milk chocolate digestive biscuits. They are only 2 Syns each, and although they are quite a bit thinner than a "proper" chocolate digestive, a couple of them dunked into a hot cuppa usually does the trick for me!
  4. jenniecakes

    jenniecakes Gold Member

    I've bought these now! I kept craving a chocolate digestive every time the OH had 3 normal ones and I'd sit there with a piece of fruit cursing him.
    Excited to get them opened tonight now :)
  5. jenniecakes

    jenniecakes Gold Member

    I love freddo's for my dairy milk fix as well, 5 syns.
    Curly wurly 6 syns from the freezer if it needs to take me a bit longer to eat it :)
    And the small timeout's single finger ones 4.5 syns.
  6. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    I only bought my packet on Friday and I've almost eaten them all already! There's 2 left - I think you get 12 in a pack lol. They are so addictive though, and so low in Syns! Going to have to invest in some more :)
  7. jala87

    jala87 Member

    Galaxy silky smooth bars are 1 syn per little piece u get 6 in one bar if I've had a really good free day I'll have a bar of that and a cup of Cadbury highlights and it's a yummy chocolate overload!! X
  8. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Wow princess_stevie - such a good idea! Didn't know you could get them so I am chuffed with that - thanks for the suggestion!

  9. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Jala87 - that is such a good suggestion to really get that fix down, I will be stealing that for sure!

    Thanks for all the posts guys, hopefully more people will read this and benefit from still getting a chocolate fix too!
  10. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Bringing the post back alive with a new chocolate addition - Oreos, bigger ones are only 2.5 syns each and I didn't used to like them - guess I like any chocolate fix at the minute!!!

    Any other suggestions?

  11. luisa71

    luisa71 Full Member

    Fat free fromage frais (tesco or morrisons) with sachet of aldi low fat hot chocolate poured in is 2 syns. I'm not much of a chocolate fiend but when I do fancy some this is really nice.
  12. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Thanks for the post - love doing this too, used to use quark for it but needs a truck load of sweetener so fat free fromage frais might work better for me :)

    Options are 2 syns so experiment with different flavours - I liked chocolate orange :)

  13. jenniecakes

    jenniecakes Gold Member

    Easter coming up... Lots of chocolate about. I'm just attempting to stay in control and only eat a small number of syns in chocolate.
  14. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Me too! Although because I've lost nearly 3 1/2 stone I have been given a Easter Egg and have decided to eat it over the course of the week to treat myself for doing so well. A little bit every night seems to be ok and then a final little Crème Egg treat on Sunday - I love them so much!!!!

    Hopefully I won't put anything on!!!! I say give in its been nearly 17 weeks since I indulged lol!!

  15. Ahsh

    Ahsh Full Member

    That's useful to know, I love Galaxy chocolate!
  16. freakydarkstuff

    freakydarkstuff Silver Member

    Ive broken my Easter egg into "syn portions", put them in bags in the fridge with a label on showing syn values of each bag so I can have chocolate if im good throughout the week and not go crazy with scoffing instead of weighing it!
    If it works out well im planning on doing it each week with different chocolate- I cant just take one square from a big bar!!
  17. Revy

    Revy Full Member

    I really like Jaffa cakes, they're only 2.5 syns each. I also like the nutella style ferrero rocher alternative using bran flakes as a Hexb and they work out at about 1 1/2 syns each.
  18. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Fab Revy! I like Oreos that are the same and you can make them into cheesecakes too!
    I do enjoy the nutella style Ferrero Rocher but I use Weetabix - the only thing is I find it doesn't stick together - any tips?
  19. Revy

    Revy Full Member

    I've never tried Oreas, will have to get some next time I see them :)

    For the nutella style ferrero rocher I sometimes add 1/2 tsp of golden syrup (approx 2.5 syns a tbsp) it helps it stick together more and as the recipe usually makes about 24, it really doesn't add much to the overall syns :D
  20. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Ah! Now that would work better! Clever! Didn't think of that at all - the only slight problem is I try not to have nutella in the house cuz I can't be trusted! lol

    Yeah I am converting to a Oreo fan slightly - I must say I do like the cheesecakes made with them and if you're clever and adapt the recipe slightly you can keep it to 2.5 syns each little cheesecake, which makes them last and fill you up a little longer. Especially as I do seem to be snacking a lot just recently - I am finding I am hungry and looking for snacks more just recently

  21. Littlepink

    Littlepink Full Member

    Groovy biscuits from aldi are my favourite atm, 6 syns and so worth it xx

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