How do you reward yourself?


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Hi everyone!

I have been trying to think of ways to reward myself for staying on track. I am on of those people who thinks "I've had a good day, let's have a bottle of wine and a pizza" which of course is completely counter-productive.

I need to think of treats that are not food based. I love the Body Shop, but all I would end up with is no money and a cupboard full of shower gel and body butter :D The same could happen with candles!

So, I was wondering what other people do. How do you treat yourself, and stay motivated?
I have a cheat day. It doesn't work for everyone but it does for me.

Friday is my cheat day. I do my weigh in then afterwards I will have a relaxed day.
I don't go too mad...I tend to stick to plan breakfast and dinner and for evening dinner I will have what I fancy and some treats if I really want them and a bottle of wine.

I don't count syns that day.
I save £10 for every lb that I lose. Once I'm at goal I go shopping and get a new wardrobe full of clothes :) I did this last time and had over £500. It was great spending it, had so much fun. still ending up spending loads on the kids but still probably half on myself.

I have treats to help me along the way, every time I lose a 1olbs I buy a new dress. I love tattoos so will be treating myself to a new one once I've lost 3 stone.

I try to not consider food a treat.

good luck
I have LOADS of clothes in size 14, 16, 18 and 20 so my rewards are always clothes. Or when I lost my 1/2 stone i got my eyebrows threaded, when I had lost 1 stone i got my hair cut when I loose 1/2 stone i am going to dye my hair :) xxxx
I too have bad stuff on a Friday. I weigh in the morning and go to KFC for lunch or dinner (depending on work schedule) but as I'm getting closer to goal and the losses are harder I'm going to impose a new rule for the Friday Chicken that if I gain, no KFC. I try not to look at it as a treat. I once saw somewhere "Don't treat yourself with food, you're not a dog" and it made sense.

Since I gave up dieting I started putting £5 a week away (the cost of a weekly diet club) which adds up to £260 a year. That is my reward cash to spend on something for me. I recently withdrew it and went to Cornwall where my tattooist is. I had a night in a spa hotel followed by a tattoo the next morning. It was a fabulous 2 days and every time I look at the new ink I remember the trip and how I paid for it
Every time I go to weigh in I stash £10 away in a box that I'm not allowed to touch until I reach target. That motivates me in 2 ways - first that I can't wait to be able to spend it and second that I'm now spending £15 a week on Slimming World rather than £5 so it's motivating me to get to target so that I can stop 'spending' money that I could otherwise use :) Like others here, I love tattoo's and I really want one on my ribs and another on my back. However, I refuse to get them until I'm at target as I don't want any weight loss after I get them to affect the way they look so I'm saving up for those.
Been discussing this with DB recently. We love gardening and our allotment, so a special plant is always a treat. 86 pounds to lose from start weight so 43 is half way, 22 is quarter there 65 is three quarters. There will be small triumphs on the way I'm sure (like getting into a favourite dress/jeans) all of which should be marked. Visits to RHS Wisley, Beth Chatto Gardens as members of RHS are free, Kew Gardens costs, so will be a "BIG" triumph celebration. Don't want to spend too much 'on the way' so the pot is bigger for the GOAL celebrations.
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I need to think of rewards, too. I like the idea of saving for each bit of weight I lose, but I have a lot to go so I worry that I would make myself bankrupt on the way!
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Hi Loz, unless you're planning on losing a lot in a short space of time I think your credit rating will be safe. If you stash away £1 for every lb lost plus a bonus for hitting goals you'll be surprised how it adds up without you noticing paying it
I need to think of rewards, too. I like the idea of saving for each bit of weight I lose, but I have a lot to go so I worry that I would make myself bankrupt on the way!

You must also be saving by not buying some of the little treats you would have before embarking on this regime. If you spent say 50p a day on a pack of crisps, by popping 50p into a pot daily you have a start.
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Yeah, it must definitely be saving me money that way. I've not been to the shop after work since Monday, when rather than going and just getting snack-y stuff, I went to the supermarket and did an actual shop. (I spent a fortune, but it wasn't all on food shopping!). I normally often go to the shop after work and pick up something for that night (I can cook but am just too lazy sometimes, as often the OH works away during the week, so cooking for one is just tedious) and get bits for snacking on. I could easily spend £10 each evening after work. I suppose it's just a case of looking at it in a different way - rather than seeing this as fining myself for losing weight (which is how I was initially looking at it), I think if I looked at it as saving for a new wardrobe or something when I get to my target weight, then I would definitely see it as far more positive.
Now that is so POSITIVE, a res lesson in thinking a different way.
My reward is i'm allowed to let go of the feeling that i'm out of control.
It will be the dancing while not wobbling and the running for the bus without being out of breath.
Every week I go without toxic food i'm happier and every day I get more strength I can dance longer.
Everyday I find myself more and more, The peace in my head is priceless and I float around on that essence for a while as I made that happen :)