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How do you use the activity propoints you've earned?


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I wouldn't like to chance eating mine to be honest. I earn on average about 30-40pp a week on exercise, have 43pp a day. (as well as weeklies.) I'm sure I wouldn't GAIN weight, but I'd certainly not lose a lot. And that is just a LOT of food

If you are on the minimum it may be worth having some... but I'd personally be reluctant to eat them all. Saying that its better to earn the points than not :p


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I just add mine at the end of each day to see in black & white what I've earned by what i've done.. Kind of like an incentive and coz its nice to see them build... But I never ever use them..
The only points you have to use are your daily... You have to use all yer daily.. you dont have to use any or all of your weekly and you dont have to use yer activity.. I try to not touch my weekly and never use my activity... Good luck :D
I use them sometimes and sometimes I don't but I have a loss eitherway.
I never use mine. I earn between 50 and 60 per week (active dog) and like to set myself activity challenges as much as weight challenges. It's just something else to aim for and takes the focus off food a little.

Are you an online subscriber or do you go to a class Caroliano? I believe there is some sort of chart in a book you may have been given in class. There's an activity tracker if you are an online subscriber


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I don't use mine either as can't bring myself to after all that hard work! some people do though so you could trying using them and if you still lose then why not! :)

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