how do you use your syns?


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:D Hi everyone,
I use my syns in the same way each day and just wondered how everyone used theirs?
I dont use them in my meals, I have a hot chocolate made with milk (milk from my HE) and cadburys hot choc is only 3 syns for the 3 spoonfulls.
I also have a merangue as a sweet with starwberrys.
So I tend to have 5 -6 syns a day. Does this sound ok ? x x
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You can use your syns however you like there is no right or wrong way. Don't forget to have between 5 and 15 each day x


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Really felt like treating myself but sticking to my syns for the day, so today I've had.....
4 mikado sticks (2syns) before heading to the gym.... a curly wurly (6syns) after my tea (which was BNS and lentil curry (1syn) with sw chips and rice) and a mini ginger green and blacks (4syns) to have while watching eastenders !

I've enjoyed my syns big time today :)


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I try and keep all mine for the week-end so as i can have me few pints.....:D

But i do alow myself a little pack of quavers now and again as there my favs.....:)


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Mine are normally extras that I eat inbetween meals (ie- Quavers, Banana bread my son made today- don't know how many syns that had but had to guess)

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I use mine for a bit of everything.
If I fancy some chocolate, then I have a curly wurly at 6 syns. Crisps I have Asda cheese curls at 3.5 syns, extra light mayo 0.5 syns a tbsp, 1oz cheese at 6 syns and tomato sauce (Asda smart price) 0.5 syns per tbsp.


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mmmmm curly wurly!!! not many syns, think I'll have one of those tomorrow!!!!!
any other great syns I ve not thought of out there?????


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I usually keep most of mine for an evening so i can look forward to them through the day and also not be tempted by anything through the day because i just think of what im planning to have that night whilst relaxing infront of the tv :D

I love chocolate so i usually always have either a curly wurly or a crunchy :D And then if i have enough syns left i sometimes have some weetabix! :D Infact im having a curly wurly now :D :D


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mine go on treats like choccy and crisps and sometimes a odd one or 2 for meals but i like them for treats


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Butter, spread, cheese, mayo, sauces, chutney, pesto, bagels, proper bread, cereal bars, golden syrup porridge, flavoured cous cous, meat-free products, hot chocolate, dried fruit, seeds etc.


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when you look at all the things we can have, this is not like a diet at all !!!! its fab!!!!! So far today I ve had 2 merangues crushed with fruit and yogurt yum yum and I'll have a chadburys hot choc later when kids are in bed!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmm


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Thats the beauty of SW :D