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how do you/will you deal with christmas??

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i know i know, im thinking ahead lol but its on my mind having seen the christmas chocs in the supermarket!
do you allow yourself one or two days off track? do you stick to the plan rigidly? do you go for flexible sins?

with christmas day being a sat and boxing day the sun i will either have those two days off and get back on it on the monday and do the same for new years weekend or i will allow myself flexible syns for those days in an effort to stay in control as i know once i fall off the wagon i binge.Im not sure how many flexi syns i would have though!

i know christmas seems ages away but its coming closer !!!!:33:
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Well now I have amended my target, I may actually achieve it by Christmas. If so, I'll be trying out maintenance which should allow a few treats?

I'll also be doing some walking in the Lakes and two days at a health spa so I hope to still be in 'dont have to pay' range in Jan.

That's the plan anyway!
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I have already decided that I am going to eat whatever I want on christmas day :D That whole week around christmas and new year will probably be bad, with all the chocolate that will be in the house ;) So I'm not going to be too fussed about a gain over christmas, just hope it isn't too much! I will probably try to not gain anymore than 3-4 pounds. I don't want to start the new year with lots of extra weight to shift, but I plan to enjoy lots of chocolate and a lovely christmas dinner :)
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Up until two weeks ago it looked like Christmas was going to be cancelled in our house as OH was due to be made redundant on 31st of december and a possibility that I would be made redundant on 3rd of january. Thankfully the funding for my job has been extended until at least the end of March and OH has just found a new job. This means I intend to embrace christmas very fully.

Last year christmas was after 3 months of trying to be very very healthy as regard food and drink and I only loosened the reins a little over christmas week. Thing was I never managed to tighten them back up again afterwards because it wasn't *that* different to how I had been eating. This year I am going to try being a little more relaxed for christmas week with the hope that will make it easier to notice the difference and get back on track afterwards. I also think that SW principles are far easier to do this with than the rather rigid regime I was trying to follow last year.

Also I have to say the recent thread on gall stones as a complication of weight loss made me rethink the timescale of losing weight. I never had a definite period in time as I very much wanted it to become part of my life rather than a time limited "diet", but after reading all the horror stories I would be much happier with it over a longer period of time than I had considered before, especially if it can avoid some of those complications. As long as it is always going in the right direction.
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To be honest, I haven't thought about what I will do for Christmas as I have been following SW plan since April and haven't had to face Christmas before 'dieting'.
I would imagine that I will have whatever I want on Christmas Day (probably mainly the alcohol ;)) but will cook our dinner as I have been doing since April.
I used to be an absolute butter fiend, but haven't used it since starting dieting on either sarnies or in cooking so have got used to doing without.
Roasties I make in the same way as SW chips, and roast my joints without the use of fat.
At the end of the day, I will enjoy Christmas as I choose and worry about it afterwards.

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I'm not sure, I have a tendancy to binge if I overeat so I'll probably have some days 'off' but that will mean still being sensible and having planned treats - not just eating chocolate all day for the sake of it like I usually would. I don't want to feel uncomfortable and stuffed all day.
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For me it all depends on where we end up spending xmas, if we stay at home then I can make it slimming world friendly with the few added extras of pigs in blankets and stuffing etc but if we go to my mums then she makes all sorts of lovely goodies that I probably wont be able to resist, lol
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I don't know yet, but I'll probably take xmas day off as I love to make homemade stuffing with sausage and breadcrumbs!!! I'll most likely just enjoy it then back on track from boxing day (cause I never do anything then!)

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Well I'm going to be sensible at Christmas, I'll have my little treats, but I won't over do it - choccy for example, I won't eat the WHOLE lot at once, I'll space it out :p
Christmas dinner is deffo getting eaten though, I look forward to that all year!
Also the fact that everything is so expensive now in the shops will be making me cut down portions anyway, so we will probs have less goodies in to pig out on - choccy, sweets, cakes etc.

You're getting me excited for Christmas now!! :D
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As long as I get to less than 20 stone on my last weigh in before Christmas (21st), I am going to eat what I want and deal with the gain in the new year!!
I am hoping to be at target by Christmas so I will be maintaining. IF I am cooking the christmas dinner and I am not going to my mums, I will do myself a SW christmas dinner, fry light the roasties, have loads of veg and white meat and a little gravy and cranberry. I will enjoy it just as much. I will then have a big bowl of trifle.

My WI will be the day after Boxing Day so I wont feel inclined to go too nuts anyway.

Miss Mango

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Eeek! It's three months away!! I refuse to think about it now. October is my favourite month and I am not going to let thoughts of Christmas get in the way of that.
I know! Where on earth has this year gone?! Its gone by really, really fast. I am not thinking about Christmas til December this year, got too much on before that :D
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i think i will have chrismas day off becuase i'll be at my mums and her food is too nice to worry about syn value! But i think once i get back home which will be the monday 27th it'l be back on the sliming world train choo choo lol


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I will enjoy both days but try and not stuff myself making good choices as much as possible. Have to arrange a Christmas Lunch with music and dancing on either the Wednesday or Thursday before Christmas. Have decided like last year to organise it for the Wednesday as that is weigh-in day and will mean I will not overindulge especially with drinking - Thursday (after weigh-in) would be a very different matter.

Also - like last year will have another Christmas Dinner the previous Wednesday but again will not overindulge with weigh-in looming.

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