How does EE work?


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So how does EE work, are we supposed to fill up on the superfree foods meaning we don't eat so much free/syns?

I just had Batchelors pasta and sauce & salad for tea, thinking the pasta and sauce isn't very healthy, alot of calories, so i ate the salad first thinking that i maybe wouldn't finish the pasta but that wasn't the case, I finished it all and now i'm thinking of having some fruit haha. Am I eating too much?

I'm just not very sure how it works?
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Slimming world doesn't concern calories so don't not eat because it seems to
Many calories

EE us unlimited free food but each meal should be 1/3 superfree fruit/veg so steak
& chips with salad for example.

Then you have 1 healthy a & b per day and 5-15 syns if you need them but at least 5 a day is recommended


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Oh i think you really can eat too much because even free foods have calories and can affect losses if eaten to excess. But that said I don't think a pasta and sauce plus salad is excessive - in fact its pretty much spot on in terms of calories for a main meal, so please don't worry. Plus most of the calories in it come from pasta which as we know if a free food because it fills you up for longer relative to its calories :)


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EE is very flexible that's why it's so popular. You need to have 1/3rd of your plate filled with superfree foods with each meal so you get the most out of the food optimising. Superfree foods are most fruit, vegetables/salad.

What I did when I started was to look in the book at the foods I liked and planned my meals from there. I don't have to eat 'diet' foods which is a bonus for me as I would be put off if I had to eat certain stuff. I don't feel like I'm on a diet. I've never been hungry since I've started on it and have lost 1st 4lbs so far and not yet had a gain. It's a healthy eating regime that fits in with my lifestyle.

Keep referring to your book until you're sure of what you can and can't have.....although there's more you can than can't! Once you get your head round it you can plan your meals quite easily. You must have your a and b HEX though and don't forget your syns too and only eat until you're full not stuffed.

It works if you follow the plan. ;)