Total Solution How does Exante and The Cambridge diet compare?

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  1. Noodles76

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    Hey all, I'm new to this site so please bare with me :D
    I was wondering how effective the Exante Total solution plan is compared to the Cambridge Diet? I did the CD many moons ago and I found it help me shed weight very quickly. I have been reading a few threads on the Exante plan and the weight loss some people have recorded only seems to be the same loss as you would get on a regular diet plan like Slimming World or Weight watchers? Anybody here have good results with Exante?
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  3. Starlight

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    Weight Watchers
    There's a sticky thread at the top of the page about how it compares.

    It's the same as all the VLCDs around a stone a month. I don't think ive seen anyone on Exante with WW type losses
  4. Noodles76

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    Thank you :D I will give Exante a shot!
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    I have lost 1st 9lbs in six weeks, at weight watchers it took me double the time bit that is because I find it hard to control! Eliminating food has worked for me as I don't have to think about anything!
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    Slimming World
    I prefer it to CD, its cheaper, tastes better and same losses. I've lost 1 stone in 9 days so i'm not complaining. Its easy to order and for me it means i don't have to go out late in the evening to collect products.

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