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How does my days menu look?


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OK, this is my third post today, can you tell I'm a newbie!!!
I started off with 2 eggs and 2 bacon this morning - I've counted this a 1 carb
Lunch -
-100g Bernard Matthews turkey ham - 3c
-small piece of pepper (threw the rest and a tomato awaywhen saw how many carbs in them!!) 1c
-cheese and onion sandwich filler 1 tbspn 2c
- mixed salad leaves 0.5
-Hellmans FF mayo tbspn - 0.5
-cucumber 2 inch piece - 2c

-babybel as snacks x4 (is that too much?) 1c
3 sausages from Morrisons 1.5ea = 6c
4 Asparagus spears - 4c
Total 21 carbs, so slightly over.

Thought I was making good choices when I was walking around the supermarket. I'm so shocked at how many carbs there are in the veg!

I think I need to plan a lot more and do a proper shopping list tonight.

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OMG is 4 asparagus spears 4 carbs? Are you checking the actual packet of asp???
Seems ok to me :)
the cheese is fine as long as you stick to around 120g per day.


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I would have counted more carbs for breakfast. An egg has approximately o.6 carbs and apparently bacon around 1 carb per slice.



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I dont count for eggs and if the bacon says no carbs on the packet take it as no carbs :D
all the bacon i have bought and eaten on atkins and believe me it is a lot has never had any carbs in. i always get unsmoked!
cheese can stall so go easy on it if you think it might hold you back
Looks OK to me

green leafy veggies are the best. :)


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stop it!!!! im not drinking this week ;)


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thanks everyone, I looked up asparagus again and for a long spear in is 0.78 per spear. so high!!
I might have 2 spears now and then 100g spring greens as that is only 2c then it will seem as though I have more. Bring on the 0c steak tomorrow!


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trying to get the whoosh fairy to visit me. I wanted to be at goal at then end of may lol!


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I think you are counting the asparagus net carb wrong. Accrodig to the Atkins website 6 spears is 2.4 net carbs.

Checked out this website also Calories in Asparagus, it's american so you have to minus the fibre content from the carb to get the net value. One large spear has 0.4 net carbs.

Last year i had asparagus a lot! My fav was steamed asaparagus tossed in garlic butter:)

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