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Too many carbs already and its only day one!!!


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Just after a bit of clarification on how I've worked out my carbs for today!!
BF -
2 Medium Eggs 1c
2 rashes of bacon 1c

2 x Cheese String 1c

Salad (1/2 a bag of Leaves, 2 " chunk of Cucumber) 4c (?)
1/2 a small avocado - 6c (?)
Small smoked mackerel - 2
2 tbspn Hellmans Full Fat mayo - 2c (?)

6 slices of salami 1c

making a total of 19 without dinner!!!
Am I right with these amounts?
I need to free some up for dinner!!!
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Hi hon

I woudnt count eggs and surely your salad cant have been that big??? Did you check carbs on the packet?


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It was only a small salad really. I allowed 1c for the mixed leaves and then 3 for the cucumber - should that be lower?


Carbs are Evil
50g of cucumber is usually 1g net carbs x


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there you go :D
just have a big fat steak or two for dinner :D
i dont count meat or eggs :D
Looks like your carb counts are too high love, I wouldn't have counted any for breakfast, lunch looks to high as well, where are you getting your carb contents from?


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Hi Jim,

I'm getting them from a website. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, can you recommend a site?
How would you have worked out the carbs?


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Its carb counter . org I think it may be down to me not getting measurements right, don't really understand the cup thing! I prefer grams etc!!
Is there a better site to get info from?


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Also I am reading labels where possible - eg salami and mackeral
Also I read somewhere that everything contains some carbs - eggs, bacon etc thats why I have just given them 1 carb each. Should I not add this to the carb total?
Not unless you are eating huge amounts I wouldn't. Did you see the carb counter I posted?


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Thanks for the site, I've just noticed the per 100g column!! Will use that but do I use the carbs amount or ECC?
You use the ECC count as it's the count after the fibre is removed love.

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