How Hard Did You Find Your First Week On Your Diet?

How Hard Did You Find Your First Week On Your Diet?

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    Votes: 12 27.3%
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    Votes: 6 13.6%
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    Votes: 11 25.0%
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    Votes: 11 25.0%
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We are doing a poll to see how everyone found the first week of their diet.
I have to be honest. I found the first 2 weeks really hard. I was very irritable, tired, moody, cold, hungry and annoyed with myself for getting fat. I found myself going to bed at 8.30pm and having two baths a day I chose not to tell anyone about the diet (except DH and my daughters)as I wanted to deal with my demons on my own. I didn't want the phone constantly ringing with caring relatives and
friends asking how I was doing. In reflection I think I made the right decision. This was my battle and I need to conquer it alone.
After week 2 I began to feel much better and could see that I could soon be a thin/slim person.
I think you have to be very focused and determined as if this diet didn't work for me I felt that there was no where else to turn.
Overall Easy! But only because I felt determined and optimistic.

My first day I was fine until the evening I developed a terrible migraine, worse that a normal one and threw up twice.:sigh: :( I went to bed early evening so slept it off.

The next day and thereon I felt hugely better. So determined! I took painkillers when I needed them, pampered myself a lot with naps and early nights and just non food spoiling. I tested myself all the time cooking favourite meals for the family. :) Baking cakes for the school which chocolate all over my fingers and got a rel kick from being so determined. Overall I found the first week easy and enjoyable. :D Despite the physical discomfort of the first day.

I think my first day was worse because I went 'cold turkey' no tea, no coffee just water and packs and I hadn't cut down beforehand.:rolleyes:

I actually have very fond memories of my first week as that was a real turning point in my life!:cool:

Dizzy x
My first day was fine..though the drinks were not as tasty as I was hoping, Second day not bad....but got stinking headache by the end of the day, so took painkillers and went to bed. I woke up the next morning with headache just as bad as day lasted all day so bed early.
Next day was just the same, day 5 was good felt like I had energy so cleaned up house like a dirt devil.
This has been it pretty much ever since ...though the second week I struggled when walking, bit more breathless than My legs also felt like lead, it was an effort to put 1 foot in front of the other, this also passed after a few days.

Despite all the pain and discomfort it has soooo been worth it as the weight loss has been fantastic.
1st week I felt relatively good, but i had cut down on carbs the week before, however day 6 was not a good day and had to have a sleep for 2 hours in the afternoon but woke up feeling loads better.
I sailed through week 2 with no problems at all. But but the middle of week 3 I felt low and grumpy., however now a further 2 days in and feeling better
Roll on week 4:D
I found the first week easy. It's as the time has gone by that I have found it harder. I guess cos I know I am going to be on it for a LONG time (over 100 lbs to lose when I started) and keeping the momentum going is gonna be my biggest problem.
I normally find it starts off easy and gets harder once the novelty has worn off!!
Surprisingly, I found this diet very easy in the first week. So surprised even I didn't think I would stick to a liquid diet. I think cutting down on carbs the week before on the SW diet really helped.

I found getting back to CD after the Christmas holidays the hardest.

Now after five months of being on the diet, I am finding it really hard. The fact that I am studying is keeping me on this diet so that I am not tempted to stray.
i found my first week quite easy but i was very sleepy and didnt like most of the flavors, this week im finding really hard (second) nut i have just tryed the recipes of chocolate and crisps made with the packs and god they are fantastic