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Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!! This week I've managed to put on a pound. I've been good as gold for the whole week - only gone over syns once - and put on.

Please, please, please look at my food diary and see if you can see any reasons. I've been completely on track for four weeks now and lost a grand total of 2lbs.

Do I just have to accept that this is not the diet for me???
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Weight fluctuates, it could be the body holding onto its salts or water, its perfectly normal and it will drop off probably tomorrow or the next day. Dont panic
I don't go to a club....and can it really hold on for 4 weeks????
sorry...thanks though!
Hun...my MIL went to a class for 12 weeks and stayed the same..they made her a targer member. Now I know that you dont go to a class, but have you thought that your body is happy at where its at???
Persevere though and maybe it will change.
My mil was also suggested by Consultant that she have a binge so that the body is shocked into a weight change...maybe this is you?
Have you also thought about the Fast Forward Option? This is more restrictive and is given out by Consultants as a last measure.
PM me and I can give this to you if you would like to have a look. This is another way of getting the weight shifting.



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Hi Katherine,
Poor you! It's soooo frustrating and when that has happened to me it has sent me on a binge!
Have to say that i worry about that too - having found this great eating plan that is relatively easy to stick to that i won't then lose weight on it:(. I am going to see how this week goes and then if it doesn't work it's back to WW(i know it works for me but couldn't face it again).
Try and persevere, altho it is difficult when you're not at class (like me)



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Sorry but i don't have any real advice - I'm not in agood place myself at the moment so offering advice probably isn't a good idea! (I will say tho that I gone through long periods of STS and often a binge doe skick start it again BUT i don't think that's sensible eating or healthy in the long run)

I just wanted to come a give you a bit of moral support. It's so frustrating and annoying. Don't let it get you down - sometimes our bodies just hold on to weight or water for no good reason. Try to stick with it for a few more weeks - maybe change from red to green or EE - whatever you do less / more of - just shake it up a bit.

Keep your chin up. xx


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Water retention?! My weight can fluctuate up to four pounds or more in ONE day...are you drinking enough water/fluids? Are you active or doing any exercise (sorry just popped into thread to try and answer your question)? You might've hit a plateau which can take a while to get off of...
Sorry that your scales are not showing you a reward for the good weeks you have had. In 4 good weeks i have had i have lost 3, sts, put on 2 lbs and now after the 4th week it looks like i have lost 5 or 6 lbs in total for the whole 4 weeks. Our bodies are all different and while some poeple can lose every week some of us show it slower.

Do you feel good for the healthy food you are eating?, if so then all is not lost. I know you are doing this to lose weight but feeling good and having a healthy body is your reward at the moment until your body decides to start losing the fat.
Right missus, I'm going to put my consultants head on now ( as I was one for a few years), I have had a quick look at your food diary and on the face of it it looks fine, but because you have not really lost anything for a month, there has to be SOMETHING you are doing wrong, this diet works for anyone, so please don't think its not going to work for you.

For the next week, complete another diary but this time be specific on everything that passes your lips, so for instance don't just put 'bread roll HEXB' put which roll it is, brown, white, wholemeal? and the weight of it, do this for everything you eat or drink that is not a free food, so again don't just put 'milk', you have to put which type, how much etc.

Vary your B choices every day, so don't have the same B choice twice in a week if you can help it, this is hard but works.

Make sure you weigh and measure EVERYTHING that is not free food accurately, this is soooooooo important, and for this week try and stick to red or green (ie no mix to max, SE or EE this week, get back to basics) and try and alternate each day, red, green, red, green etc etc.

Free food, this should make up 3/4 of your food everyday, use it and fill up on it, try to eat loads of FF if possible

Finally syns - sometimes there are hidden syns in things you don't realise, we all get complacent and think we 'know' the plan and what is free etc, but things change, for instance I didn't realise lean mince wasn't free! only extra lean mince is free, sometimes you think you are being so good sticking to your syns allowance and then it turns out something you were having wasn't actually free. This is the same with healthy extras, it's so easy to tip a few more bran flakes into your bowl but it adds syns, you have to be so strict with measuring these things, I'm terrible for choc hilights out of the jar and class 3 heaped teaspoons to make a hot choc as 2 syns when it is probably more like 5 that I am having, but as I am losing at the moment it doesn't matter

What matters here is that you aren't losing after a month on the plan so I can promise you there is something somewhere in your eating plan that is not quite right, make sure you have all your HE's and syns everyday but use free food to the max, do this for the full week and see what happens, good luck!!
Okay. I'm going to take bits of advice from everywhere -

tonight I'm going to have a night off - pizza and lager for me. (And I can't bloody wait!!!) It had occured to me that my body might have got complacent, and a binge might get it moving again.

tomorrow I'm going to get some exercise, and start looking at Fast Forward. I've pm'ed you Mrs V. Thanks.x

I'm also going to drink more (def not no;2ing as often as I used to!! tmi?)

And as for Rachelina's lovely message, thanks, and yes, I'll keep a stricter diet diary. Perhaps you'd have another look at it for me next week if I'm not shouting from the hilltops that I've lost five pounds!!!!

As always, thank you lovely people.

I really don't want to switch diets, and I do think this weight is one of my 'sticky' weights, but I've never had such poor losses with such high commitment before.

Happy weekend all.x
looked at your food diary.........u need to up your free foods.......fruit and veg...and make sure whatever u go to class........do red days for the 2 days before, and u will loss more...and try not havin the same b choice all week cos that slows the weigh loss down.....if all else fails.........make some veg soup that will up the free food and add more water to your diet......good luck
looked at your food diary.........u need to up your free foods.......fruit and veg...and make sure whatever u go to class........do red days for the 2 days before, and u will loss more...and try not havin the same b choice all week cos that slows the weigh loss down.....if all else fails.........make some veg soup that will up the free food and add more water to your diet......good luck
I nearly always have similar HEX's, didn't realsie this can slow down my losses
Just vary your meals Donna and you will see the rewards.
Katherine emailed you Hun as far to much to put on here!


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Hey hun, have you thought of switching plans? Do you do red or green days? If you don't go to a class are you sure you have up to date literature?
hate to say it sw doesnt work for everyone or you wouldnt see the same people at class year after year ,i rejoined yesterday after a 10yr break and omg there was the same people there the only thing different was they were bigger !!
i would love to know how you have to syn a wholemeal pitta bread and cooked fruit or a banana blitzed down for a smoothie ...yet you can eat as much bacon or lamb (well known faty meats) as you like ,ask a consultant why and you never ever get a decent answer !!!
i must have been having a really really bad day to join it but read through the books and thought what a load of crap really and then to read a post on here that says have a good blow out !!!! the mind boggles :eek::(:mad:


Where's Skinny Minnie?
The people who are turning up at class year after year and getting bigger are obviously not sticking to the diet because if they were and couldn't rationalise their lack of weight loss then they wouldn't still be going.
The meats we are allowed to eat freely must be extra lean I agree that if we were told to eat a nice piece of steak with a crispy rind of fat it would be a crazy diet but that's simply not the case. Wholemeal pitta is synned as it not as dense as other breads and therefore not as satisfying for its calorific value - which is the same reasoning behind syns for smoothies as you could eat a whole lot more fruit that has been blended than you could if you were eating the whole pieces.

The theory behind a blow out is only the same as that of carb or calorie cycling - if your body has been used to a level amount of either for any period of time then the idea is to jolt your system. Google it, it's not a crazy haphazard method and there is proof behind it.

I'm sorry that your consultant was no help to you and couldn't provide these answers as it has obviously coloured your view of the whole programme without even giving it a proper try. Believe me that all consultants are not like this and something as simple as trying a different class could make all the difference to you.

I think that if you gave the plan a serious chance then you would be pleasantly surprised - we all love it and a look at the various tickers on here shows that it works extremely well. If you still feel that it's not the plan for you then I hope you find something to suit as there is nothing better than seeing those pounds come off and getting into smaller sizes. Good luck whichever path you choose x
can you tell me why you have to syn fruit that has been cooked ,yet you dont have to syn veg that has been cooked ? with nothing added to either only cooked in water? the consultant i saw yesterday was lovely the most helpful one i have ever saw ,the others were all well over 10 years ago ,i prefer to count cals and fat which is what i will be sticking with ,but very curious to know about above food i have mentioned and personall i find a pitta bread a lot more filling than a couple of slices of nimble or ww bread which are light and airy and not that filling
but each to their own

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