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How important is to to do ALL the steps?

I have reached my target weight - woo hoo!!! and am starting to move up the steps as of Wednesday - however - I've just added up the total weeks to reach maintenance and it totals another 8 weeks of dieting - it's my birthday in 6 weeks and I'd really like to be eating a normal diet by then - is it alright to skip a step and if so which one??
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what step are you on at the moment hpops?

Im sure a CDC will be along soon to answer your question but from what i understand - it is important to do all the steps. You could probably spend less time on each step so you have finished in 6 weeks, but I think you are likely to regain glycogen if you skip any of the steps.

Congratulations on reaching your target. Must feel great!! How much have you lost?
err... I'll try to explain. Glycogen is what your body usually burns first for fuel, before using fat. Your body stores a lot of glycogen (7 - 10lb) which is why people have such a dramatic weight loss in their first week. By following SS which is low carb, your glycogen stores do not refill.

When you start working through the plans, and reintroducing carbs to your diet, the glycogen stores start to refill, but you dont gain weight as you are still taking in very few calories. By the time you have finished working through the plans you are back to a "normal" carb intake, and normal glycogen levels.

I Hope that makes sense. As I said, Im sure a CDC will be along soon to give you some proper advice.

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